Octatrack Midi Bank Changes Nord Modular G2 (HELP)


Thanks…alternatively if it’s figured out, imagine the creative options at hand :slight_smile:


What would be your scenario?


The Bank Select message for NMG2 requires CC 32 followed immediately by a Program Change message. See page 31 of the manual.

But Octatrack only sends CC 0 for Bank Select message. Bad Elektron!

The workaround is to send CC 32 from OT immediately before the Program Change message. But this is fiddly.

The most recent discussion on the forum is here:


Live Performance and the ability to recall patches for songs without having to dial them in by hand (that’d take way too much time)

Also would be really wild to be able to plock different patches for monosynth style drums.


OK. For getting the right patch for the right song, I think getting patch changes from one place would be awesome.

For patch locking I don’t think the switch on the G2 is fast enough. There you should rather use patch variations, which are instant - Midi CC# 70.


That’s what I meant just above. I succeeded once for a Qy100, but for tests, I had to send another Cc32 just before the good one in order to send it again (Ot doesn’t send twice same values until a value change).


The problem is that you can’t send with it the first pattern play. My workaround is again a midi processor, mapping a specific CC to a PC.


Is there a particular Midi processor you have used and had it work ?


I mostly use the Event Processor Plus, which has 32 events. You can make quite complex things with it, but mapping CCs to PCs is very easy.

(example with CC mapped to another one)

You can also map notes to PCs, and play a different sound per note, like a drum kit, or per note range, like a keyboard split. Works perfectly with Blofeld.

I can do it with Mep4 I have too. Not sure if I can do it with Midipal without modifying the code.

Other products : Bomebox, Arduino + midi shield…


After reading up on the Eventprocessor I see there is a problem with the Machinedrum and Monomachine providing power to the MIDI Solutions products. Have you experienced any problems with the Octatrack providing power?

Also in your example I see you have it mapped to Channel 1, I suspect there is an “all” choice?

Thanks for your time


My workaround for this is to keep my performances on the G2 in the first bank. So no need to send the bank select… This in combination with variation switching (as @CarlMikaelBjork suggested) suits my needs.


Hello. On a few performances my G2 Engine hangs - stops receiving midi after program change message is sent from the OT.

I’m sending performance changes - global channel set to CH 16 (used for perf. change messages only)

Slots A to D are set to receive note, cc etc on channels 11 to 14.

I’ve tried setting a trigless trig on first step of channel 16 , but this doesn’t help.

As I say, the hanging issues doesn’t occur with all performance changes.

Can any G2 users suggest what to look for in a patch which may be causing this?

(I’v checked that Midi channels 11 to 14 are not sending PC messages in conflict with CH 16).

There is a Midi Solutions thru box between the OT and G2, but I doubt this is the issue.

The midi hanging / freeze has happened with the USB to PC editor both connected and disconnected.

When the freeze hang occurs, the midi receive indicator on the G2 remains blank even when just note messages are sent.

I know the OT “prioritizes” midi info sent from a lower no channel when two Midi tracks are set to the same midi channel. If the OT sends midi data sequentially from Track 1 to 8 , or channels 1 to 16, I guess setting the G2 global channel to a channel lower than the receiving slots may fix it.

Thanks for looking.


Don’t know what it could be, seems like you do the same as i would do (i don’t use a trig though on channel 16). If you send (pm) me you’re performance file i’m glad to test it and try out. (Although i don’t have an engine but the key version with expansion).

You can also try to find a solution on the electro-music.com forum (for Nord Modular: http://electro-music.com/forum/forum-43.html). Lots of information can be found there.


Many thanks Burpy. I’ll take you up on that. I need to isolate which performances, or combination of performances, are the culprits.


Ok! I’ll see it coming then, or maybe you found the solution in the meantime :slight_smile: