Octatrack Midi Bank Changes Nord Modular G2 (HELP)


I can not seem to get the Octatrack to change banks on my Nord Modular G2, I can change patches in the bank 1 default, but can not access other banks (2-9) to use the other patches I have built. Am I over looking something super simple or can it not be done. If this can not be done is there a known work around. Both of these devices are super capable of so much I suppose I am overlooking something simple. Thank you for your help


If it’s anything like the G1, the OT’s bank select (in the note setup page) doesn’t work. From the MIDI implementation chart it seems bank select is CC 32; I set this up for my G1 but can’t remember if this was correct.

OT Midi Patch Change Issues

Ot sends only CC0 bank message if I remember well…
It doesn’t work with all gear indeed.


Did this work for you?


Would you know of a work around?


Yeah it worked on my G1. Can’t remember if it was actually CC32 but I think it is actually documented in this forum somewhere.


It CC32 and/or CC0 but this doesn’t work with the G2 unless I am doing something wrong, I have searched the other threads on this but could not find anything on the G2


Wait, sorry, I remember now. I think there was something weird with having to set a couple of parameters, I’ll keep digging and let you know if I find anything… otherwise I’ll dig through my OT tonight and see if I can provide a solution.


Awesome, thank you for your time and effort :slight_smile:


In that list there is also a CC32 for bank select.
It doesn’t tell the bank load procedure…


That list reminds me that you also have to use the bank select from the note setup menu, but set to 0. I think this is essential for CC32 to be able to change the bank (maybe? MSB and LSB still confuse me).

Again, this is from what I can remember; I do remember it being almost so fiddly that I nearly gave up…


Thanks…I’ve been up and down the manual all day .


Here you select how the synth should handle Program Change and Bank Select (MIDI CC#32)

You can’t send CC32 in the regular MIDI NOTE SETUP.
But you can plock a CC32, before Prog Change I think, so at the end of the pattern…


Yeah, CC32 will have to be set up in the “free” CC pages. This is also a reason why I don’t really bother :stuck_out_tongue:


Setting this up still doesn’t work for changing the bank :-/


Damn, ok I’ll have a look and see how I configured it on my OT tonight.


Thanks again :grin:


Ok, I had a look at my OT Nord project, and it appears I set both the bank select (in the MIDI note setup page) and CC32 (BSEL LSB) to the same number (5 in this case). I’m pretty sure I managed to get this to work in some way, but as I mentioned earlier, it was probably a bit fiddly. I don’t have the OT MIDI going into the G1 at the moment so can’t really test it, but I do remember getting bank changes to work. However, I didn’t test to see if these changes would occur when the parts changed, so that may be an issue…


Thank for checking, I have tried this without success.


A tricky one it seems… I have no answers.

(These are the kind of things I tend to ignore unless there’s an obvious answer. It steals to much creative energy). :smiley_cat: