Octatrack master with an others elektrons

Hi there,

I configured my Octatrack as master and my AR, A4, Digitone and Syntakt as slaves.
If I have all the settings that work: sync and program changes in midi, I find it strange that when I stop the octa, the stop buttons light up on the slave elektrons but the play buttons remain they are also lit (see photo).
I specify that when I stop the octa, the machines stop playing and when I restart, they start playing again at the beginning of the pattern without problem.
Is this normal operation?

Sounds like they’re paused - if you double press stop instead of single press stop you send a reset command to go back to the start … in any case, normal

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No need to press twice for the patterns to be reset, it starts again from the beginning when I press once.
I just find it weird that the plays stay on…
Does it happen to you?

I play with 3 blank patterns on the octa which controls the patterns of the elektron slaves in PC. When I activate the first octa pattern it is red and 2 and 3 are off. On the other hand when I activate pattern 2 or 3, they light up in red but the first pattern is lit in green.
Is this normal?

Normal that my trig 1 is green, I have trig one checked by my AB, CD inputs…

This is completely normal.
MIDI doesn’t really have a stop command, it’s more like “stop in place” or “pause”.
This is because there’s also a continue command, which will resume playback from the current position. The normal start command is actually a “restart” or “start from beginning” command.

A device slaved to a MIDI Clock doesn’t know if a continue or start command will come after the stop command. So slaved devices go into pause mode instead of completely stopped.

The unlit pattern buttons indicate that the pattern is empty, a green one indicates that it is not empty. The red button indicates the currently selected pattern.


Ok thanks, have a good day