Octatrack live set with a band


I am the drummer of a band and we use some samples in our live shows. I’ve always done that with a Roland SPD-S but I bought an Octatrack some time ago but it never got to substitute the SPD-S for the lack of some features.
Now I have a few gigs in Greece two weeks from now and I have to bring smaller gear with me and I hope to bring the Octatrack instead of the larger SPD-S; keep in mind that I will need a MIDI module to start/stop the loops because my hands and feet are already occupied (I would like to use a M-Audio Trigger Finger).

I need the loops to start and stop when I hit the pads of the Trigger Finger. I tried to link them but I’m only able to START the loops, but not to stop them. Is there a way to program the OT to stop the samples when the pad is played again?

If I can’t do it, I thought of programming the Trigger Finger to mute or solo the tracks (sometimes I need to stop one loop and start another one at the same time). I really don’t understand which midi note and octave I can use. I would need 8 mute (1 per track) and 8 solo (again 1 per track). I can’t understand the MIDI control reference in the manual: it says $31 49 | Track Mute (0=Unmuted, [1-127]=Muted). How can I program my pads?

Can you help me please?

Look at page 90 of the manual.

You need to set the Trig Mode to ONE2 for the track you want to start and stop manually.

You can trigger the tracks from the Trigger bottons 9 - 16 of your Octatrack.



You can trigger samples or tracks using MIDI notes on the appropriate MIDI channel for the track, using the note numbers listed on page C-1 of the OT manual.

You can use MIDI Control Change messages to mute or un-mute tracks. The list is given in the first table on page C-2 of the manual. In the example you quoted, sending MIDI Control Change message 49 to the Octatrack will mute any track set to receive on the same MIDI channel as the CC message if the value sent is in the range from 1 to 127, and will un-mute the track if the value sent is 0.

From the same list, MIDI CC message 50 can control track soloing. You can also control track level (CC 46) and cue level (CC 47).

I don’t know whether the Trigger Finger can actually send CC messages. You can check that in its manual.

Hello and thanks for the reply.
I just don’t get how to work the one2 at all, even from the OT.

I have T1 = start silent: no - Plays free: yes - one shot trk: no - trig mode: one2.
When I hit trig key 9 the loop starts, but when I hit it again it doesn’t stop. What’s wrong?
Is there something in the track Playback which I must choose?

Check the threads that I cross-referenced above.