Octatrack help?

appreciate the feedback man, the octatrack seemed like a good idea in my head but 100% agree, i feel the digitakt will be the right way to go and then level up. i do have an audio interface. the overbridge stuff confuses me but itll be apart of the learning process of course

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just for anyone who would have info, is the digitone used with overbridge like the digitakt? or is it more like the octatrack? both the digitone and digitakt intrigue me

Was released after Digitakt, shares a lot of things including Overbridge.
4 audio tracks, 4 midi tracks.

in comparison to digitakt, what do you think would be the best one to choose if you have experience in them both?

Digitakt and Octatrack are sampler, you sample or transfert samples in the box to play with it. Digitone is pure synthesis - and it’s FM synthesis (Some ppl love FM sound, some like me don’t like it).

Very different beast, but I keep thinking Elektron made Digi line to make the workflow more accessible at the beginning and then going to the main line (OT / AR / A4)

I started with a Digitakt, learning the sequencer, plocking, etc… on it and I don’t regret it. Now I’m on the Octatrack and it’s not that “very complex gear” ppl complain about when you are used on little sister.



just came back for some more info, still looking into things for the future with the octatrack, can you play with the factory sounds that come with octatrack for making melodies? as in being able to play them like chords etc?

The OT was my first piece of elektron gear. I read the manual extensively for a few months before buying it. Once you get your head around how the recorder buffers work, the cross fader, parameter locks, and parts, the rest is just remembering button combos and the quirkiness of how to save. I ended up selling it because I was too poor at the time.

Then a few months later, the digitakt was announced, I happened to be flush, and bought one (for $629 new!) I was attracted by the chromatic mode, which was my main gripe about the OT. Well, I had the DT for a few months, but I just kept missing the 3 lfos, cross fader, all the effects…

If I personally was going to buy another of the two, 100% it would be the OT. I have never messed with the mk2, but I think the sampling is even easier on it, which is the only other gripe I had with OT.

Track 8 as master track with your other gear going into the inputs, jamming with a friend, and you both have access to the crossfader, which is set to master hipass filter. Techno heaven.

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You can use any sample to make melodies. And any melody to make chords.

Sure. There are some notes, chords in demo sounds, but you can make your chords, stacking notes, resampling them.

Using Elektron Demo sounds only (except scratch sample) :

Any sample can be used as a waveform, if you select a looped audio portion, it can become a waveform. But ideally, it’s better to bring new samples, such tuned single cycle waveforms…

To play OT polyphonically with chords, you need an extra midi processor such RK002.

Chords from a drum loop :

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This image has made me think how great it would be to have an OT with a built in proper keyboard.

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I usually prefer desktop versions with additional midi keyboards / controllers, but I wouldn’t be against an Analog Keys…

IIRC there’s a Octakeyboard photoshoped somewhere…
What's next for Elektron?

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Somewhere lol. Your not kidding :slight_smile:

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after checking out the DT and the OT for the past while, im almost certain i want to start with the OT. my only issue is and what ive been told, the OT’s mixing is annoying and that the DT sounds are a little tighter? now based on the functionality i think the OT takes the win but im still stuck in between the both but im getting impatient and want to just start learning!

The OT definitely takes the win for functionality, but for immediacy and ease of use the Digitakt beats it. I have both, but I started with the Digitakt. After feeling like I’d graduated from the Digitakt I bought an Octatrack with the intent of getting rid of the DT after getting to know the Octatrack. I came to the conclusion pretty quickly that they both compensate for what the other lacks, but I probably would’ve given up on the Octatrack if it wasn’t for learning the Digitakt and having that head start. OT can be frustrating and requires a lot of setup and foresight as to what you want to do with it. DT has less features but you can dive in head first and make beats that sound good very quickly.

As for the DT’s sound I believe it does color the sound in some way. It’s compressor and reverb sound a little better than the OT’s.

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? Apart the fact that DT has a page with tracks levels, I think OT has more tools for mixing.

There is an extra flattering eq for DT. It’s non flat.
OT is flat, you can add eq on master, tracks.

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You mean OT?

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:coffee: yes corrected just before your post! :content:

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appreciate all the feedback, and the last question i think i have really about the DT , when finishing a track i know that it doesnt save within the box itself will i have to immediately record it to overbridge and arrange it there? or how would i go about this…

What is Overbridge?


LMAO :sob:

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