Octatrack- guitar pedals record? Gain staging on inputs


Hi there- been spending last couple hours playing with mixer (main, direct, gain) on some samples I’m running direct out of my interface outputs into AB inputs stereo. It’s not quite seeming to really get where I want it. I can def get close to the sound plus some cool warming on pedals but feel like inevitably I’ll loose my mind trying to get my daw mix right going into the record inputs. However with that said I know I can 1) drop things via usb and 2) apparently run guitar pedals with the cue outs and AB inputs? Didn’t see a tutorial for MKII but I assume same goes for MKI I saw that seems realistic…
Moving forward… if I’m working in USB dropping into octatrack mode… is my sampling process more limited? Can I still get all the sampling/looping/AED screen editing tools etc via dropping samples from USB???
Lastly… I’m praying to god the FX I can run externally into octatrack can be recorded so I can continue playing with presets for each sample I drop in or is it only something u can “Cue” I guess per say. If that’s the case maybe I just need to buy really amazing guitar cables and maybe tweak things different going into the octatrack plug in wise. Ughh. I’m trying to simplify but simply can’t let go of being able to make FX prints with my pedals. Maybe there’s a way to get it closer to sound quality on my DAWs via record inputs. I got it close but somethings telling me it’s just never going to be perfect despite some of the rad warming that strymon and eventide provide. Someone save my life please here :joy:. Hoping maybe some Mogami patch cables and harder work on the mixer levels will improve situation. Otherwise option B with USB drops and guitar pedals is going to make this easier… hoping all of that above goes as planned.


What is the problem? You can record anything, just adjust mixer gain. Same principle with MKI or MKII. No editing differences with CF card samples and recordings, except you have to save recordings.