Octatrack date backwards

Anyone find it strange the Octatrack auto-date for projects is backwards.
I know America does the month first I find that odd enough
but the Octatrack goes yy/mm/dd?

Is there an option to change the date format ?

YY/MM/DD is the Japanese date format. I always wondered whether it was just an Elektron thing, like a lot of their graphics being Japanese-influenced, or if it’s a software engineer thing because YY/MM/DD is in order of descending magnitude and it’s easier to work with/read. Or if they did it to sidestep any US/ROW confusion around month first or day first.

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This is not really bound to Japan. It’s also quite common here in Europe. As you said: from a usability point of view its the easy “sortable” version of DD/MM/YY (especially if you leave out the slashes => simple integer sort).

The only date format which doesn’t make any sense (at least to me) is the US version …

BTW: It’s also the international standard for date / time related data exchange: ISO_8601 (because computers like sortable things :wink: )


So does this mean the last current project should be at the bottom of the list when done this way in a descending order? Because one project from 2019 is at the bottom of the list.

I’m only using dates for projects but now thinking should have date then name
if this can go in order by date will keep using it so it’s easy to find stuff

Edit ; my project from 2019 had an extra digit so must be why

From a sorting perspective descending or ascending order doesn’t really matter. This can be easily changed. What matters if you need to know exactly the format to get the ordering right or if you don’t need to know it and treat it as simple large numbers.

Maybe its just me (being a software engineer), but I also find it easier to compare dates in this format visually.

Ah … you meant the descending ordering in the project list of the OT. Yes, your most recent project should be at the bottom when you name it this way.

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now that I think about it it does make sense in that order for use with computers.
But DD/MM/YY makes more sense if someone asked you the date you don’t say the year first you would say the day then month…
As for the American way MM/DD/YY just doesn’t really use any type of logic :joy:

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yy/mm/dd is just the format that’s used in Sweden, its not a Japanese influenced thing. I encountered the US format a few days ago and as a Swede I found that confusing.


Ah, I didn’t know it was the Swedish standard. Simple as that then.


This made my day…sorry my year! :thinking: Or my month?
I thought it was for sorting. In France it’s DD/MM/YYYY

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I sort my files on compute like this too. Way easier to keep track of creation order. “YearMonthDay”

Yeah I always use date created to find things on the computer it does it automatically.
But I got a bit thrown off by the way it’s written on the OT but it makes sense now…