Octatrack cooperation

How can one in a consistent way share a set with its audio poll and projects between 2 octatrack?



Copy paste from card 1 to card 2.
Too simple? :slight_smile:


You certainly don’t need extra software, besides, I believe @rusty made some other software which does the housekeeping bit that can easily be done on the device (the OT can collate all the used files upon request, see manual)


Does it have to do with the collect / purge sample function? When I save a set and copy it to the second octa will it be able to find the right samples (assuming that both octal share the same audio poll) or do I have to copy the samples into the project dir. ?

A set is just a folder.
Your files are supposed to be in that set folder (AUDIO, project folders…). If you copy a set folder, it should work.
Change Set once done.



If that is all you want to do; then the easiest way is to simply copy the Set folder and ALL it’s contents from the Source Octatrack to the Target Octatrack.

You can do that exactly the same as you would of any other files/folders; either via your computer; off the CF cards; or directly between the Source Octatrack and the Target Octatrack with both connected to your computer.

More Flexible:

Now if you want to get a bit more clever; someone developed a nifty little application called OctaZip which is an intelligent archiving tool for use with Octatrack Sets and Projects. It provides Backup and Restore functionality whilst maintaining the referential integrity of both Source and Target Projects and associated Samples.

Apart from Backup and Restore functionality; it can come in quite handy for moving Projects from one Set to another.

The Manual even has a tutorial on how to "Transfer a Project between Sets with OctaZip"

I’ve got the power

If you want to get even more advanced; and basically have access to anything and everything on the Octatrack; and be able to do a hundred odd things the Octatrack can’t do… including merging Projects from different Sets into one Set; Purging Samples; Collecting Samples to any folder; Presets; all sorts of stuff…

Someone also developed OctaEdit which is an extremely powerful Software Editor and Librarian for the Elektron Octatrack; the list of features is ridiculously long; so I won’t copy/paste; easier to check out the FAQ and Manual;

Maybe even contact the developer if you have any questions; I hear he is a pretty friendly and helpful cat?


It’s true. He is.


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