Octatrack - Behringer X1 Cross Fader Replacement Sucess Stories?

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got stung on a bad deal and looking to make the best of it. X-fader on a used OT I bought on eBay jumps to scene B when it’s most left at scene A despite being listed as PWO. Took a while to realise as I initially assumed that this was some kind of custom tracking assigned by the last used on the default project on card that came with it (boy was I wrong). Just wondering if anyone on here has successfully replaced their OT X-fader with one of these?

I have seen the name bandied around as the part but haven’t heard or read any reports of one being successfully put in an OT. Any of the Elektron fam had success with this?

Did you try crossfader calibration ?
Why don’t you search the original reference of the crossfader?


Just contact Elektron, I’m pretty sure they can help you out with a new fader if the calibration does not work.

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Thanks for this. Didn’t realise it could be re-calibrated but sadly this did not work!


Strange to not hear from anyone about this! I know the X-fader has a rep for being troublesome and many Elektronauts have inquired about replacing this part themselves. I reckon this unit is outside the Elektron warranty too.

I think I read a post with precise references. This has been discussed for sure. Search. :wink:

i recently replaced some encoders , only issue i had was when i put it together the volume encoder didnt change any volume , as mentioned in the video , i just re-plugged the ribbon cable nearest the volume encoder and it was all fine.

i got the buttons from elektron , just had to pay shipping cost… not sure about the fader as it looks more expensive as a part , but its worth sending them a support ticket.

Should have been clearer; I can’t find any references Elektronauts replacing the stock fader with a Behringer X-fader part successfully. The replacing is a doddle but I don’t know if it has been confirmed that the Behringer part actually fits and functions 100% in an OT.

I don’t think a lot of people want to put some Behringer parts in their Octatrack. :sketchy:

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not this again.

It’s a Behringer part and an Elektron part actually; the manufacturer is Infinium the same company that makes the OT Mk1 X-fader.It’s clearly in the description of the part in the link above if you want to read it. Only visible difference appears to be the colour of the cart the fader stick sits in. It appears to be, but is not 100% clear to me if it’s a verbatim part. That is what I want to confirm. I’m not interested in gear bashing/snobbery.

I was replying to this. If you call it bashing/snobbery, so be it. You seem to have more informations actually. Good luck.

why not just ask Elektron directly?

Because new fader from Elektron will cost you 68 pounds vs 28 pounds for the one produced for Behringer.
But, I did a compare of the original fader at the one from the website and they are different. I’m pretty sure that this won’t work.

Look at them closer. This is different construction, one IR sensor vs two sensors on OT fader.

I haven’t done it, but some guys here have done heavy modifications to their octas. I hope it works out for you. Still it would be worth to talk with people from Elektron, they may have some good advise. Go elektron.se, register yourself and create a ticket.

The only website where I was able to find these crossfaders is here :

I contacted them via email, asking if they are still in stock. Price is 28 pounds.


This is my second Octatrack. I bought it second hand (my firsat was second hand too), and again same crossfader issue. I was replacing it in my first Octatrack, so I know how much it cost when ordered from Elektron.

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Good spot with the sensor. Would be a bummer to have to fork out but I’ll see what happens. Thank you!

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