Octatrack as backing track spd30


Hi Guys

Very new to Octatack and limited knowledge of midi.

If anyone can help with this I’d be very appreciative.

As a drummer I’d like to use the octatrack as a backing track with precreated patterns BUT I’d like to be able to trigger a different pattern via my roland spd30 with the master click track going to my headphones.

In short I’d like to assign a different pattern to a different pad.

The idea being that I could trigger a verse pattern or chorus/bridge pattern without being locked into a fixed length backing track like I am with the spdsx.

I have spent some time trying to find this on the forum but couldn’t find a definite answer. I asked a guy on YouTube who owned both products and he said it wasn’t possible. Thought I’d ask the wider community just in case.

Rich the noob


I can see only possibilities…:smile:
It is possible with a midi processor, for sure.

Without a midi processor, if your Spd30 sends only notes, you can’t trigger a different pattern, which needs midi Program Changes.

But, if you sampled your backing track, the recorded sample can be triggered by a midi note.

You can also trigger sequenced backing tracks with Play Free Tracks.

More complicated, but I tested that with a DD65, you can trigger and hear synced backing track only when you hit pads, with sliced loops. Fake perfectly synced drummer.


Thanks for the reply. The key issue is making sure that the triggered samples is locked in with the metronome coming to the headphones. Do you think that the method you suggest would allow for that?

Thanks again


Yes, if metronome comes from OT, samples can be triggered quantized to a defined number of steps, or to the pattern.

Play Free tracks can be quantized too.


Sorry for the super late reply

Thanks for your response!