Octatrack and Analogue 4 as a combo

When you add a mixer it won’t get simpler, but you gain much more advanced routing possibilities without re-plugging cables. With a mixer you can route individual outs of the A4 into the OT to get mangled there (like an FX send) while still mixing together the mains of both. Or you can route OT’s outs into the A4 to be used as oscillator source - and all of that just on the fly.


Octatrack and A4 is a horrible combo. All you will be doing is making groovy music. There will be no time for pizza.


I’d use A4 into OT with OT cue going back into A4

OT is a nifty mixer to use since you have 100% mix recall for your prepared material

But the thing is… combining just about any 2 elektrons = :loopy:
every combo takes you to diff. places


Yep. OT Cue > A4 > OT in can be use as a simple fx send / return, or a great fx with / overdrive / analog filtering…and possible feedback with OT routing.
Crazy fx possibilities, including pitched delay, with analog filtering / overdrive circuitry…


interesting also : do not use a thru machine but use a flex instead. Record A4 input in any ot buffer, play it while it is recorded, get mad with trigs.

Done, I secured a deal! Looking forward to try it with my own set-up!

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Hey man - I NEED you to test the Octatrol (https://www.malfunkn.com/Octatrol/) out. I’m sure that would be an epic event :happy:

EDIT: not tested it out myself but looks fantastic

WTF is THAT UFO??? No that’s one of the first moments I regret not having a OSX computer! Thanks for the link!

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Useless! (Octatrol trolling! :troll:)
I have Dark Trinity, not OSX! I use computers only to edit some gear if no choice, edit / load samples.

Joking, seems very powerfull, but as it seems to use midi I think I have all I need to control enough parameters with OT crossfader with and my midi controllers.

I can map easily OT CC48 (crossfader) to A4 and AR perfs CCs. Already VERY powerful.
I also can change OT scenes and A4/AR perf targets depending on crossfader position, so it can be extremely powerful.

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Trolling indeed. And 80 dollars fir an app!!

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You could almost get an Analog Drive for that kind of money!!! :ecstatic:

Haha - yes, I know you’re computer shy when it comes to those parts (same here).

But still, there’s something about the visual experience here that is appealing to me. I’ve actually thought about adding a big monitor just for drone landscape videos as a visual inspiration in the studio :).


Well, it’s based on Overbridge. I guess they re-engineered the protocol and made their own GUI for it.

But what’s more important to me: I don’t see anything that you couldn’t do with the Overbridge plugin itself and some DAW automation.

$80.-? That’s even more than you would pay for Live 10 Intro …


Okay, the OT integration. That would need some Max4Live love and MIDI magic, but still …

How about the visual part? :okej:

You mean as a kind of lo-fi skin for Overbridge? :wink:

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Haha - that’s one way to see it :totes:

As long as ordening from a webshop isn’t a problem, there are plenty of Sirins available.

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Thanks… Mr Brain debates “want or need” but Mr Wallet decided “no need no want” :wink: (at least for the moment!)

Just an update: got my AK a couple of days ago! I had so much work I wasn’t able to play around much with it (let alone redacting posts on forums…) but so far don’t regret my choice. I really like the layout and playability, in fact I really like the MkI looks even if I do recognise that the MkII buttons feel more “professional”. I’ve no issue at all with the tiny screen, all is very well organised and having some Elektron experience already with my DN and OT and being familiar with synthesis globally, I was able to create some sounds and some cool sounding patterns in no time without even opening the manual (that was certainly not the case when I got my Octatrack). Definitely has a sound of its own, but to stay on-topic, yes, A4/AK and OT is a great combo, and, I believe, still up-to-date. Now I just want to complement my set-up with a DSI poly for pads. The AK/A4 is no rev2 or P6 and I don’t think it’s even possible to emulate that sound, due to the big differences in filter and oscillator design. I don’t think the AK is capable of that typical DSI top-end glitter, but then again, I didn’t take the time to try. I’m pleasantly suprised though how good it is for drum sounds. My conclusion, the A4/AK + OT combo is a great, self-sufficient, and exciting package. I do recommend a external keyboard for the A4 should you choose the desktop box. I was really underwhelmed when I tried the A4MkII in the store, the tiny onboard keyboard doesn’t do the synth justice (at all).

And I finally laid my hands on a Tetra to complete my analog synth set-up and it happens to be a beast of a synth. I’m impressed! Definitely a very underrated box. I run it into the Digitone so it can benefit of the DN effects. DN can p-lock program changes so this is all very interesting.