Octatrack and Analogue 4 as a combo


Ive got an OT4. But my background is Analogue equipment. At the moment i cant think of a better combo for diversity. Is there something missing that these two beasts cant do? Many thanks.

Ps sampling digitone type sounds is done on OT😊


it‘s a great combo that can do more stuff that I can imagine.
But depends on your demand… you have to like the sound and the workflow. You can‘t play them like a guitar or violin


I have this combo and the thing I found missing, was the Rytm!

It’s great sampling the a4. It’s just the best.


I’ve been thinking combos too and run the OT and OP1 but really want to grab that new SOMA Pulsar 23 semi-modular drum machine now, so I am thinking of running that hands on with OT as mixer and playing patterns in song mode and master clock to pulsar

I love the crunky gritty analogue industrial sounds of Vlad’s creation! Check out 8min30 in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qadKWjvg6oU&t=1211s


Yes. Is the workflow cumbersome?


The combo is great …

Technically both are “missing something”, but whether it’s important to you or not, is only dependening on your music.

Examples from my workflow:

  • I don’t use the OT for playing melodies by single notes, which are transposed from a single sample. Either I play sampled melodic phrases on the OT, or use an A4 or any other synth.
  • I don’t prefer the A4 for pads, because I better like it to have more than 4 voices for pads. I mostly use the A4 as four independent mono-synths. Pads are done by other polyphonic synths.


Sounds a beast. Love his instruments


Not for me. I love the workflow.
But might be for you. But you know elektron machines already if I read your first post correctly?..

There are many many comments on this forum complaining about the difficult OT learning process or the menu diving on the A4 (or its lack of bass and warm pads), and that they prefer function/knob interfaces. Highly subjective.

Possibilities of these two deep machines are rather mind blowing imo

PS: I love the A4 for pads. And for bass, leads, drums and noises :wink:


Could you give me an example of your workflow. Just A-Z sort of thing. If you could expand a bit i would be grateful. Cheers.


So you use the OT as the backing singers and the A4 as the lead so to speak?




:smiley: No, no … the OT is used for rhythmic and Musique Concrete like creative sound mangling. The OT can do things, which are not possible with a typical synth.

I tried the chromatic mode and played transposed samples, but I prefer to do melodies with a true synth. Even a nice bass sample often does not impress me as as a good old-school deep analoque voice :wink:


I use OT and A4. Great combo, to me. I love the drum sounds I can get in the A4 a lot. Sometimes I start with just drums/perc on the A4, sample that into the OT, then load a different kit into A4 for synths. Very happy with these two machines


I definitely prefer OT’s arp. Sometimes I use 4 midi tracks with arp to control 1 A4 track, poly on.

A4 Multi Map is a great feature, especially for drums. OT’s arp randomizing A4’s Multi Map sounds. These sounds can be recorded as sound locks, and modified with Perf macros.


Cheers. Good to here this. Have you a youtube video or track done with just the two?


Well thats a great beat. Its random and in time if there is such a thing. Cheers!


This is a sort of cinematic thing with OT sequencing the A4

Nothing fancy, but this was mostly A4 with some vocal samples and additional perc on the OT


Superb. Especially like the second one. Reminds me of Ryuichi Sakamoto. Very organic and melodic. Cheers!


Seems really interesting. I’ll listen to it better later. :slight_smile:

Edit : Done. Can you tell us more?


I love the Octatrack/A4 combo, they interact so well with each other! Almost as if they were designed for each other :thinking: