Octatrack and Akai Mpc Different Syncing Options


One of my friends gave me an MPC 1000 as a gift so now I just thinking is there any possible ways to get a midi info from the pads record it to the Octatrack and then send midi notes back to Akai to play it.
This is a terrible explanation… but what I’m looking for is to get best from MPC as a drum module controlled by Octatrack and get use of MPC’s pads. And beside that leave all the midi sequenceing stuff for Octatrack. Did anyone tryed something like this?! Or maybe some of you guys have a bit different but effective approach using this gear in harmony? Any examples?


Yes, that’s straightforward. The MPC’s drum pads send out MIDI Note messages that you can record into the Octatrack’s MIDI sequencer tracks. The MPC can respond to MIDI Note messages played back from the Octatrack.

There’s lots of discussion on the forum already about this. Just read through what’s already here: