Octatrack after many years

So I have had a cirklon for like 6 years, I have all the silver elektron boxes, I have an a4 and keys. I produce mainly on the MPC X, and MPC live 2 as my main midi hub and this has been for quite some time. The Cirklon just sits on the shelf.

So today is my birthday and my Octatrack DPS-1 arrived yesterday. I like many of you had my choices to make of sequencers and did not choose the Octatrack back then for various reasons.

Well today I have it, I have updated the firmware to 1.40. I completely disassembled the Octa and cleaned it out thoroughly, got the hairs off the inside of the screen, and polished the paint on the shell with ceramic polish.

Time for fun :slight_smile:


Happy birthday! It’s mine too :slight_smile:


Wha hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the both of you :0)


Happy birthday everyone. :wink:



happy birthday fellow june 23rd baby!

I wonder how much we are alike! :smiley:

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Well, I’m not sure…I’ve never owned an Octatrack or got the hairs off the inside of a screen of one :rofl: … and my favourite colour is blue, or was it grey?!? haha


Cat hairs… pubes? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Maybe combo of both, a Cat pube?

*Note i’ve never looked closely enough at a cats privates to know if does, or does not have pubes… and don’t intend too.


Next time they roll onto their back you will see its a big muff of hair.:rofl:

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Belated happy birthday and a fine day to you all!

This conversation has taken a strange turn. My cat can keep his secrets as far as I’m concerned.


LMAO… come on man… I already thought the hairs were gross enough. It was literally the reason i tore it apart as soon as I got it.

Damn black elektron boxes and their mysterious hairs under the screen issue… how the heck do they get in there anyway??? LOL

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you got to watch out too cause they like to eject their pubes into the air like an aerosol

this is one way their pubes get into the elektron boxes. its the cat marking its territory basically… they know the importance of the elektrons

once you sell your box and it goes cross country the cat at the new destination gets the secret coded messages from the static vibrational tonal changes that the hairs create…

if you wake up in the morning and have 7 cats waiting to be fed you know why…


i’ve had my OT for a month and i’m totally in love! it’s the best bit of kit i’ve ever bought, and believe me i’ve been through some gear in my time. my favourite feature is that if i don’t use it for more than a day, next time i turn it on it takes me an hour to figure out how to work it again. i was up until 4AM last night on the thing. best Elektron box imo


LOL that sounds like me and the OP-Z. I put it away for a couple months and then forget all the key combinations to do things :slight_smile:

yeah. it’s good though cos i get a big hit of self-esteem when i get the damned thing working again!! i’m a genius!!!