Octatrack advice


Been about a month with the unit and I’ve got the simple stuff I think (twice thru the manual and once thru Merlin’s guide)…i was hoping to share a few ideas and hopefully someone might see an error in my logic and save me from a few headaches… Here’s to hoping…

I’ve got a couple thousand samples loaded on the cf card, I’ve started to create and save parts (eight sound loaded to flex machines)…im assuming I can duplicate this project and replace the samples and all the parts will repopulate with the new samples? For a bad example let’s say project 1 is all kicks… I duplicate and swap out the flex list for all snares… Can I assume all my patterns will have snares instead of kicks… Or will they just be blank again…

I’m in the middle of creating my studio template… It’s just to play a sample or two at a time and tweak to make progessions for my arrangements on the computer…im thinking itd be good to bake in some scenes at this level as well…like the freeze delay beat repeat… …everything seems simple enough at this point… Am I missing a part of the picture I wonder?


Welcome to octatrack.
at only one month in, dont worry about how far you have progressed. 4 years in and I am still learning new stuff everyday. The octatrack will go as deep as you have the time for.

You dont need to duplicate the whole project, Just copy the pattern to the next empty pattern. Change parts and load new samples in machines for that new part. Save and repeat.

My only comment would be, why waste samples slots loading one kick onto each slot? Make sample chains and have 64 kicks on one slot. A few thousand samples loaded on the card sounds like a lot to me. But hey, if thats how you want to play it, dont let anyone else tell you different.

Personally I hardly ever use flex machines apart from live resampling. And dont forget the flex/static sample list is simply the list of assigned samples for the whole project. Any track can read samples from that list. So in my case, for the entire project (Which might consist of say 20 complete songs/tracks/compositions what ever you want to call them) I have just one sample for Kicks, ie: my Kicks sample chain. (which has 64 Kicks on it)

Have fun!


I’m about to resample a bunch of drums the way your describing…

Having too many samples… I can’t help myself when the USB mode makes it so easy and nice to upload samples

The thing I’m struggling with is having a Digitakt I thought I could select all and remove the sample slot list but after looking into it…im not seeing it on octatrack… I quickly filled the 128 flex slots today…4 bank 4 patterns 4 parts…

My idea was to quickly swap the flex list with the next sample folder but looks like I’ve got to do this one sample at a time… Not terrible but just another case of too early exceptions…

Thought sample purge was it but it’s not cause I have all 128 flex slots assigned?..


Not sure if this info helps, but my current project ( well over an hour long techno set for live show) is so far is 5 banks. (5 x 16 patterns =80 patterns)
4 parts per bank. 4 patterns per part.
I have used 27 samples. None in Flex, 27 in static.

Use less, do more.

Make music and learn as you go. You will find your own way of doing things. Octatrack is vast, and many ways do to things. All I can do is confuse you even more with more questions… If you have a digitakt, then why are you loading drum samples on the octatrack? I use my drum machine for drums (with the exception of Kicks) and use Octatrack for wierdness, Its the weirdness machine.


This is good… Im learning alot

But yeah I’m only loading sfx sounds on the octatrack…

My computer is to old to use transfer and the Digitakt functions so nice as my midi hub…ill leave it in the studio and take the octatrack out on the town. My idea was to use octatrack as another way to access my sample library quickly…


Yes your first assumption is correct, but as you’ve pointed out, there is no quick and easy way to swap out every file in the flex list for another file at least on OT. You can probably do some dragging and dropping over USB though


OK so, as you know, per project you can have 256 samples (128 in flex, 128 in static). In a live situation, changing projects, means audio is stopped, and time is needed to load the new project.

You can copy, paste, delete, projects in the file manager (card tools menu)

When I first got the OT I wanted to fill up all sample slots then make my tracks out of those. These days what I do is load up say 6 samples, then squeeze as many sounds as possible out of just those 6 samples. If I need more, I load them as I go, or resample resample resample and save as new sample. This is what the OT does best.

There comes a point where you realise, in a way, it doesnt really matter what samples you load, or what source you sample, since Octatrack can make pretty much any sound you want out of any sound you have…


Your guys here are the best… I’m having tons of fun… Satisfying day with my octatrack… Can’t wait to get it in my tunes…itll happen soon… Thanks