Octatrack 1.40A

Are you using now a lower intensity setting compared to the intensity level before? Is the issue fixed on all intensity settings?

As far as I can tell it’s completely fixed (on all brightness levels)


Wow sounds like it is time for an update. Seems everything is working now?

I am loving the randomize page features in 1.40/1.40A (just remember to save your Part before using them!)
Especially the LFO and FX pages when using an EQ, Chorus, Phaser, Comb filter. Great for quick little scene-style 1 beat stabs that you can easily get out of it.

Surprisingly very useful on the AMP page as well, with how it’s been focused on the amp envelope parameters. Nice touches.

I use it less on the playback page (aka SRC for MK2 folk), as I am not one who uses retrig often, but it has given me the added benefit of getting my brain set into using Page+No to reload just the page. I was more prone to reloading the entire Part before, so this has improved how I use the instrument.

They made the already magnificent Octatrack more magnificent. It makes me so excited for anything else that may come in the future