OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


So am I and I am sure dozens more :slight_smile:


This may be way off but I woke up this morning from a dream where my OTmk2 was streaming individual tracks to my DAW via USB for recording (I should mention I just built a new studio space and go to bed every night trying to figure out best placement for everything).

The question is did I just have a premonition or did I just awake from a sweet unrealistic fantasy…?

Or is this life all a dream and nothing is real and we are all figments of… just kidding.



Do you ever wonder what would happen if you ate both pills?


I think I did… :thinking:


Does anyone know how Rusty build the OctaEdit software? Did he reverse engineer the .work file format or is there a documented API that he is using?

Thanks for any info!


I do.


Nice. Care to share? I am inspired, would love to contribute if it was open source.


Hi Rusty, new octatrack user from Ireland here! I picked up an MK2 from a guy here who had octaedit software in his name, just wondering how to go about transferring the licence? Thanks


Get them to send me an email with their name/email and your name/email and I’ll organise the transfer.


Thanks for getting back, will do.

What’s your email, thanks