OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


Thanks Rusty,

I thought it was the case, but thought i may have missed something (as I did that post you referenced),

Best of luck on all fronts.


“It”, whatever “It” is, has begun. More news soon.


If you’re still interested and @Rusty approves it, my copy is for sale.


Can I sell my OctaEdit licence with my Octatrack?

Yes. Please contact me for more details prior to selling.


I am interested in the license, if you please?


PM sent.


Either of you can send me a pm if you have any questions / want any clarification on anything.


Thanks Rusty.


Paging @mokomo and @sezare56


Ok. I can start after work. Waiting for instructions.




Let’s do it! OT and W10 at the ready




I am ready to pay you. (mkii users)


Just an update, as I’ve received a couple of emails/messages asking.

Closed Beta testing is on-going; there is a massive amount of new functionality to test / loose ends to tie up; a lot of optimisation has been going on.

Scarily enough, the beta testers have still only seen about 25% of the new functionality :open_mouth:


PS: Big shout out to @mokomo; every one should have and love a mokomo imho.


I’ve been contacted by a few cats who have very nicely and politely asked me to make OctaEdit available for a little while as they have important gigs coming up etc.

Important: If you are waiting on the official v2 release, my advice is to wait for that.

Please read the below carefully

I am concentrated on heavy beta testing and optimisation at the moment; so am not able to dedicate / provide 100% (or much at all) support to new users right now.

Pragmatically this also means that I am not going to be looking at enhancements, chasing bugs in older versions; etc.

Any bugs / feature requests / support inquiries will more than likely be a “That will be in / fixed / added in v2”; so please take that into account.

Also check the purchase page, FAQ, ask me any questions before purchasing if you are unsure of anything.

Current Version of OctaEdit?
OSX: v1.1.001
Windows: v1.0.010

(Read the ‘Status of the Windows Version?’ in the FAQ)

If I buy now does that include OctaEdit v2 when it gets released?


When will OctaEdit v2 be released?

Pragmatic answer is “when it is ready”.

I do not like publishing timeframes, as software development and hardware OS changes can always throw up unexpected scenarios; and I am not going to release the update just to meet an arbitrary deadline.

As above, cats have requested for OctaEdit to be available, and so it is; but take the above into account.