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I just got some new wallpaper for my desktop :heart: :heart: :heart:


Sorry to hear that Rusty. I wish you and your family the best. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Thanks for all the wonderful contributions you’ve made for this community. I truly appreciate you, your work and I look forward to what you’ll do after v2.


I am very sorry.
I can’t comfort you with any words.


Damn, condolences Rusty :frowning:


I am sorry to hear this. All the best for you, your family, and the strength to find your inner balance again.


Oh, Rusty, how hard times…

Kiss the moonbeam rabbits for me. I wish you the best, hope you’ll find an interesting path soon enough.


I am so sorry to hear this rusty. I can barely imagine what it’s like. I wish and hope for you to get through the process as “good” as one can. :heart:


So sorry for your loss Rusty. Peace and blessings.


Sorry for your loss, Rusty, and sorry to get back into the technical matter - especially since it’s a noob question, but… how do I update to the latest version?


You should have gotten an email with a link for the latest version. Just download and install, no need to uninstall.

However, I just installed the latest version on OSX and several modules are “unavailable”, anyone else get this?

Copy a Bank from one Project to another

I’ll share in grief…

My mother passed away in 1996 after living almost 10 years with cancer(s).

Take care of yourself and loved once Rusty.



Sorry for the delayed reply, been away a few days camping and thus offline.

What @Prinzabu said :slight_smile:

I’ve locked off some of the Modules like Samples, Arranger and manager whilst I’m doing all the testing; as there is a lot to test, and I’m making some additional tweaks as I go along.


Condolences. I lost mom 8 years ago. Cancer sucks, man.

Things will get easier, but the mark death leaves on the living never goes away. I just had a “mom cry” the other day and haven’t had one of those in years.

Hang in there and please don’t bottle up any emotions. Make sure you have some support and when you’re ready, you’ll start to get better.

My best to you and yours.


I’ve just had one now; been away camping; and just got back… and she’s not here… keep expecting her to be rocking up; or walking around the corner or something :cry:


It’s a very strange feeling. And when that happens it just tears at the wound again. I’m not very religious, but I’m sending good vibes your way, man.


Finally able to return home after what has been one of the most difficult years of my life.

I’ll be spending a little bit of quality time with my lady and finally getting to see my boys again, it’s been too long; and then ease back into the grind with my normal development environment.

Got some interesting stuff cooking; so once I get back fully into the swing of things… :wink:

Note: Purchasing OctaEdit is disabled for a few days during this time.


Again, take your time for these precious moments !


Hi Rusty
I would just like to extend my condolences. I still long for my dad whom I lost more than 5 years ago! AND the worst of it is I still speak to him in my mind…

But, life is full of twists and turns. I am 56 and started a family at a very late age. I have 3 sons, one 3, one 1 and one 3 months old. Life is just like that, it throws you a curve-ball when you least expect it! I would never in my wildest dreams though to have had kids at this age! They keep you going, busy and your life full.

So what I am trying to say is the bitter-sweet I taste is from experience. And when you least expect it, life is GOING to throw you a curve-ball. Just watch and wait, you will get yours :slight_smile:

kind regards
cyber7 (aka Aubrey)
ps - Do you guys know when you really die? It is when the last person speaks your name…


OctaEdit Survey

As I work towards finishing off OctaEdit v2; I’ve put together a couple of little surveys to help me identify how I can make OctaEdit better for you.

It lets me know what OS’s are being used, what features people would like, and how I can make OctaEdit the best application it can be.

Your assistance and feedback in filling in this survey is greatly appreciated.

Edit: Deleted survey links due to reasons.