OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


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Presumably it’s internal sample tracks and midi ?

I’d be able to load them into ableton and fully playback the octatrack stuff ?
I really should buy it …


Sorry, I don’t understand the question.


It exports the normal pattern data for triggering flex , static samples , slice parameter locks etc. ?
It exports the patterns used on midi , to trigger external gear , parameter lock cc,pb,af etc.?

With a bit of tweaking , I could then replay the pattern data within ableton / daw - used to trigger the octatrack as if it was playing from the internal sequencer , and reuse the ‘midi’ tracks to play via Mac/midi interface / direct to nord , Korg , Borg , dawg , frawg, other things that might sound like ‘awg’



Should be able to, yes.

I’m not up to speed with every synth that might sound like ‘awg’ though, so ymmv? :man_shrugging:


That was not obvious. Unique feature, not doable with OT only, as it doesn’t send notes / CC from its audio tracks sequences. :+1:
(Midi tracks can be recorded externally)


More will come though I might keep them to myself or risk being banned for life , get me dawg ? Ya know what i’m Sayin.


Is anything I say / write? :crazy_face:

Shall we add it on the list of all the other unique features that are not doable on the OT… ? :slight_smile:

Or click a couple of buttons, and export midi tracks, and all their parameter locks.


Did I mention that you can export the entire Project to Midi?

All eight audio and all eight midi tracks, across all sixteen patterns, across all 16 banks.

What am I doing with my life?


If you send me the project file I’ll try to figure out the issue… :joy:
We love you Rusty! May the techno gods bless you for your endeavors… :rofl:


Don’t forget to merge all projects and collect samples. :tongue:


Yes, for two weeks after updates we’re all like:

Then back to:



Update: OctaEdit v1.1.945 Beta OSX and Windows now available.

What’s new? Lots.

  • OctaEdit supports Octatrack MkI / MkII and OS versions v1.25E, v1.25H and v1.30C concurrently. (OctaEdit dynamically reacts to, and supports both MkI, MkII and all the above OS’s on the fly. Even if different projects within the same set.)

  • Added Help popup functionality. Available in all modules. Dynamic based on currently selected module and sub-module.

  • Done a whole bunch of work in the Sequencer module… Updated GUI, Library drag/drop integration; updated LFO Designer; updated Arp designer; Arp Added Flex/Static Copy/Swap functions; FX1/FX2 Copy/Swap functions. Midi Export…

Actually way too much stuff to list really :confused:

  • Done a whole bunch of work in the Library Module; added drag/drop functionality form Library to Target; i.e drag/drop a “Project Mixer” Library Entry to the “Mixer” group in the Project module to load it. (Or be traditional and use the menu)

  • Updated the Arp Designer Module

  • Updated the LFO Designer Module

  • Updated the Options Module

  • Updated the Audio Finder Module

Other stuff and things…



Midi Export

The Midi Export function allows the ability to export Audio and Midi Tracks from OctaEdit to Standard Midi Files (SMF)

Midi files can optionally include Trigs, MicroTiming and all, any or no Parameter Locks.

To Export Midi via the Sequencer module:

  • Click the Actions button in the Actions group.

  • Select Track in the Element dropdown in the Element group.

  • Select Midi Export in the Options group.

  • In the Midi Export Options group, define which of Trigs, MicroTiming and Parameter Locks are to be exported.

  • In the Target group, define which Tracks are to be exported via Bank, Pattern and Track buttons. (Refer below)

  • Click the Execute button in the Options group

The name, and path, of the Midi Files are programmatically generated as per the below logic:

\[Set Name][Project Name]\OEMidi[Project Name] Bank nn Pattern nn Track nn.mid

Where [Set Name] equals the name of the Octatrack Set and [Project Name] equals the name of the Octatrack Project.

Understanding the Export Matrix:

The Export Matrix allows a lot of flexibility for defining the tracks to export. For example, in the below screenshot Bank 01; Patterns 01 and 05; and Tracks 01 and 09 are selected.

When the Midi Export is Executed, the following tracks will be exported:

Bank 01 Pattern 01 Track 01
Bank 01 Pattern 01 Track 09
Bank 01 Pattern 05 Track 01
Bank 01 Pattern 05 Track 09

And Midi Control Change messages will be generated for:

Playback Parameter [ A ] and [ B ] / Note Note [ A ] and Note Velocity [ B ]
Amp Balance [ E ] / Arp Range [ E ]
LFO 1 Speed [ A ]
LFO 2 Depth [ E ]
FX 1 [ A ] and [ B ] / Control 1 Pitchbend [ A ] and Aftertouch [ B ]
FX 2 Parameter [ D ] / Control 2 Parameter [ D ]

There is a bunch of logic in there about which Midi Control Change messages get generated; but I can’t be bothered typing it all out there.


Congratulations! :thup:


When I was younger, so much younger than today…

Added a Help function. Help is displayed in a floating window which can be moved around freely; and has a range of Help Topics divided by Module.

Click the Topic button to display a list of Help Topics. Each Help Topic has n number of steps; e.g. this one has 8 steps which can be navigated with the Return to Start; Back and Forward buttons. And a Close button obviously.

Important things are displayed in Bold Text and Components highlighted in Red Text


Help is accessible via the ? button on the Toolbar

Help is dynamic based on the Module and Sub-Module currently accessed; and has a range of topics with more to come. For example, this screenshot I have the Options and Analytics Modules open; hence those two are available; whilst the others are greyed out.


Red Text is used to highlight components in OctaEdit; which are also highlighted in the application.


Dear OctaEditors and Elektronauts,

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for OctaEdit v2 and/or have been curious about when it is being released.

Whilst I much prefer to keep my personal life private, and thus off the interwebs; for the last few months I have been living overseas providing palliative care to my mother who was diagnosed with Cancer.

Unfortunately she has just passed away.

Obviously this period of time has been very intensely draining; emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I’m still grappling with a whole range of emotions. I’ve got a lot on my mind. And an awful lot to think about. Both my life now, and what I intend to do in the future.

I’ve still been working away on OctaEdit, but I trust you can understand and appreciate the reason for the delay.

I have been adding some very nifty enhancements; however my intention now will be to finish v2 and move on with my life.

OctaEdit is not, and has never been financially viable; and my talents (or lack thereof), would probably be best suited to more fruitful endeavors. At the end of the day, I’ve still got bills to pay and mouths to feed, and OctaEdit doesn’t do that. At some point, v2 will be released; and then we will see what the future holds.

So I guess I’m going to be spending a little bit of time reflecting, healing and thinking about stuff and things; and see where life takes me.

I’ve got a couple of very interesting and exciting ideas kicking around in my mind; so I’ll be reaching out to the community if that is the way the cookie crumbles.

In the meantime, I’m going to go look at bunny rabbits dancing in moonbeams in a field somewhere :smiley:



Sorry to hear of your loss Rusty. I can’t imagine how challenging the last few months have been but thank you for sharing a little of your experience and I hope the coming months afford the time and space for you and your family to recuperate and enjoy the little things together.

In creating and updating OctaEdit you’re supporting thousands of people around the world to explore, create and innovate all of the time. So you’re already doing some cosmically awesome shit and making a tangible difference to the world in ways that are difficult to fathom and track.

Please keep up the awesome work and know the community love and respect you both as software pioneer and as a human being :slight_smile:

Love and best wishes,


Sorry to hear this sad news.hope your ok and take care