OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


That is exactly what the Manager module is for.

The Manager module.

The Manager module provides the ability to copy “Elements” from a Source Set/Project to a Target Set/Project.

Elements can be copied at the Project, Bank, Pattern, Track, Part or Scene level, from any Project in any Set to any other Project in any other Set, and includes the ability to remap sample assignments on the fly.

Boasting a feature set that is way too long to list, with just a couple of clicks entire sets can be merged together seamlessly, meaning you never have to worry about the Octatrack structure ever again.



Thank you.


Do you … do I need to buy V2 to download the beta?



But I am also working kind of slowly at the moment due to more important issues; and current beta I’ve locked most of the modules as was going to be doing a staged rollout.

I’m changing tact now, as not much beta testing / feedback occurring; so will be pushing a large update in a while with a lot more open; I’m just working on something major, which should be “fun”

So if no rush, just wait till the official release.


The most important thing in this world is family peace.
Keep up the good work.


I just joined the Octaedit club!! I was preparing some live sets with serious dread when I finally stopped to read about what OctaEdit was capable of. Can’t believe I waited this long, looks like a serious time saver/human error preventer.
Very sorry to read about your family health situation. In my ignorance I can only wish you good luck and good vibes.
And again, thank you for saving this stranger so much precious time and frustration.
Can’t wait to see what V2 has in store. I’ll try and check out the beta scene if I can.


Pinged you a pm


Some pretty nifty stuff on it’s way :wink:


I’ve been pouring through the thread and my excitement for V2 is growing immensely.
Two things: you sort of mentioned Octaedit possibly acting like an audio editor (gain editing and such). Is this happening? Also, if so, how ridiculous would it be to hope for Au/Vst support (i.e. take sample on compact flash, run it through waves compressor/eq, then soundtoys distirtion with a little vahalla reverb, then save it back to card…? :grin:

Secondly, are you serious about a hardware device??? I’m very interested to hear about that


But wait… there’s more…

Not really at present, as concentrated on other things; and I don’t want to go down putting a full blown audio editor in OctaEdit; so I might just do gain/normalization and reverse… but don’t want to get too excited.

Fairly ridiculous :grin:

Now, there is nothing stopping me developing a AU/VST host; been there done that already :open_mouth:

Recently I was using it mainly for testing my Standalone / AU / VST Analog Four/Keys and Analog Rytm editors…

But I’m sure you can imagine the number of additional complications that could/would come providing support for third party AU/VST’s; requirements to use Steinberg’s SDK etc, licensing issues etc.

Bottom line is there is nothing stopping me from any of the above; but OctaEdit doesn’t pay the bills; or put food on the table; so there needs to be some limit on what it can do… which is already absolute shedloads of functionality.

At some point I need to move on with my life…


Yes. Deadly serious. Already working on it.

No, you can’t hear about it just yet, secret squirrel business (i.e. it’s commercially secretive / unique market proposition)

Whether it sees the light of day is a different question.

The only thing stopping me at the moment is time and money.

Maybe if OctaEdit (or some other projects that I’ve got due for release) brings in some money, then I’ll continue with it and go ahead.

If not, then it becomes basically impossible to justify working the ~100 hours per week I already do, dealing with all the stress, providing global support, supporting multiple systems, OS’s, hardware versions just so I can live in poverty.

If I can figure out a nice way to ensure that I am not homeless, can feed my boys, then I’ll go forth and finish / release it.

If not… why / what is the point in doing that to myself and loved ones?

Maybe if I did a GoFundMe, or Kickstarter or something. If all the cats I know on the interwebs / all the people I’ve ever helped all threw me a bit of money… :thinking:


Re-reading this again… I’d just use my own audio librarian and editor application I’ve built… which has VST / AU support, batch processing, librarian, meta data etc etc already :slight_smile:




Seems a bit unrealistic to develop a fully fledged editor with vst , processing etc when it’s all on compact flash / accessible within ableton , audacity , soundforge , every other daw and sound editor on mac , pc , Linux out there that has spent years refining , improving , developing compatibility.

Only difference is taking card out of octatrack / plugging into Mac/pc / usb mode ( which I’ve never actually used )

Better to stick to its unique purpose and be the only one imo.


Yeah I vote for the Octaedit to stay true to what it is meant for at this moment. No need for the AU part IMO. But I’m SUPER interested in this hardware thingy. You should most definitely try the kickstarter approach for this one! :smiley:


Agree. But like I’ve said; already done that for my own use. Big difference though in the time / energy / investment required for doing everything for commercial release versus personal use.


Yeah, that makes sense. I have ways of doing it already with current software, I was just getting greedy :slight_smile:


I’m about to be a Dad myself so I’m beginning to understand your feelings on time investment/family needs. Without knowing exactly what it is your cooking up, I can only imagine it would be really cool in light of your current work with Octaedit. I will remain hopeful it sees the bright light of day :sunglasses:


Only problem with that, is I’d expect cats to only throw down when it is ready for go live :thinking: