OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


By request, have made OctaEdit available for purchase again. Please read the below, check the purchase page, FAQ, ask me any questions before purchasing if you are unsure of anything.

Current Version of OctaEdit?

OSX: v1.1.001
Windows: v1.0.010 (Read the ‘Status of the Windows Version?’ in the FAQ)

If I buy now does that include OctaEdit v2 when it gets released?


Will I get access to the v2 Beta versions?


When will OctaEdit v2 be released?

Pragmatic answer is “when it is ready”.

I do not like publishing timeframes, as software development and hardware OS changes can always throw up unexpected scenarios; and I am not going to release the update just to meet an arbitrary deadline.

Additionally, I have other / family stuff going on, so am only working part-time / have other more important priorities.

I therefore am not able to dedicate / provide 100% support to new users right now due to the above and v2 Beta testing.

If you are waiting on the official v2 release, wait a little longer.

As above, cats have requested for OctaEdit to be available, and so it is; but take the above into account.



^^ @anon15436527 Your one of those cats I guess?


good mornin’, rusty…hero of private coding…

i heavily use the ot since years…but most times on stage ONLY…which is a pity, i know…
a pity because, if i say on stage only, it means, more than half of it’s capabilities of sonic safari bliss is pretty much untouched yet and still…most stuff i do with it worx more just as an elegant way to avoid computers in a show for me…so lot’s of simple playbacking stems here…via many one shot trigs…arming and disarming are the most used knob on mine…some scene magic…but believe it or not…in most cases it’s all just static machines business…meets slice arounds…and that’s pretty much it…really time to move on for me…
so ur octaedit is defenitly a big thing to me…
i got mk1’s… but also a mk2 pretty soon to come…second mk1 is nothing but a stage back up…
i joined ur forum cake this morning…under the same user name as here…and hope to hear from u soon via mail…but my concerns are, that specially when i’m touring i have only an actual macbook with me that is running latest os high sierra…will that work with with octaedit?..because a few weeks back, night before a premiere i had quite some trouble loading up the ot via usb c…only calling cenk got me out of that panic situation and made it work properly again as i’m used to know it all the years before with my older pro macbooks, which are not with me on tour anymore…so i hope for the option of avoiding too much ot display twiddling with ur software, since my eyes got not better with the years, while managing, octaediting so to say, full on, all just with my small actual macbook, back and forth, in and out…would make me happy big time…i’m all in if u just tell me, no problem with any actual mac os to come…


So far, so good…

Maybe wait till the official v2 release? OctaEdit all appears to be working fine on High Sierra, but I’m concentrated on beta testing / polishing everything off at the moment, rather then checking compatibility of the current version.

That would be specific to your Mac and the Octatrack, no? The Octatrack can be a bit fussy with plugin orders and USB connections, both on OSX and Windows

Can’t guarantee that. Who knows what changes Apple will make in the future?


…thanx for response…and no matter what…i gonna join ur coding cake pretty soon now…and get me octaedit v2 once ur really done with it for sure…
and yup, that connection failure was all just usb c trouble…the ot just did’nt show up as a device on the desktop as usual…but we sorted that out already…
am i correct to assume, that i can use a common cv card reader to proceed with ur software and then just put those preprepared cv cards into any ot…?..so the ot’s do not really have to be usb connected to the computer at any time anymore if i don’t explitly whish to do so …?


Does OctaEdit work if not connected to the Octatrack?


OctaEdit doesn’t care where a Set/Projects are. On the Octatrack, external card reader, or on your desktop.

All works the same.


…that’s great news…thanx…
same with the ot os?..meaning, i can really preprepare any new card to full extend, including os and any kind of octaedit module games i gonna come up with for later use in any ot?


Sorry, I don’t quite understand the question?


…let’s say i got an actual ot os downloaded…put that in ur octaedit…prepare some cool stuff within ur software, drop all that to a fresh cv card and there i go…take that card, put it in the ot and get started right away…?


Nothing to stop you creating a New Project from scratch in OctaEdit, doing anything and everything in it, then just put on the Octatrack and away you go.


I get the impression people think it’s some kind of emulator of an octatrack,

It’s a powerful librarian to support the editing , streamline some of the functions and enable you to use pc/Mac to edit things , and do many convenient things that being on a computer with big screen can offer .
it’s not going to load up your files and play them back on a computer ( I.e you do not need oktatrack os file , perhaps you meant project or set ? )

Or I may be misunderstanding some of the questions on here , maybe I shouldn’t rely , best for rusty to deal with.


…yup, u do…i’m completly aware of the fact that octaedit is not an octatrack…just a pretty smart helping hand to it…which is quite a big deal already…thanx to rusty…


Just purchased OctaEdit. Thanks so much for making it available again. I’ll register to beta test v2 later today. Yay!


Has the family’s health recovered?
I joined Beta, but I do not have any news, so I ask my regards.


No, I’m afraid not. My days are spent in different ways at the moment :expressionless:


Best wishes for brighter days in life soon, Rusty


Would have been a pleasure, but I can’t. Too much great concerts here. NANTES


We all know you’re such a midi file karaoke addict!


What’s the karaoke scene like these days in Nantes?


I_ have a quick question about OctaEdit. I’ve been learning my OT for the last year. Love it, but now I have about 8 or 9 different programs with different samples that I would love to be able to take the best banks out of and make one live set. Is something like this possible? I should have the money to buy OctaEdit in the next couple of weeks…And my main problem right now with the OT is organization.
Thanx _