OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


Important Beta Release / Testing

Note: This is very much a Beta. Do NOT use it with anything you value, as there will be bugs.

Decided to go with open/public Beta due to my limited availability; so OSX Beta now available to any existing OSX (OSX 10.9 to OSX 10.13) users who want to grab it.

Please head over to the OctaEdit Forums and register there, so I can centralise all beta testing and updates and make my life easier.

Beta Testing will be an iterative process as per below. The Beta has a lot of restricted functionality, and I have locked a lot of the modules, to fit in with the testing/release process.

This is to ensure I’m not stretched too thin, or trying to test/fix too many items at once.

You are welcome to play around with modules and functions that are not part of the current testing stage; however bear in mind that you are more likely to encounter bugs; I am more likely to be making some slight tweaks to the code already, and/or will not prioritise any issues reported.

  • Stage 01: Main | Project | Options | Support | Analytics | Library
  • Stage 02: Samples | Chainer | Audio Finder | Analytics
  • Stage 03: Sequencer | Arp Designer | LFO Designer | Analytics | Library
  • Stage 04: Manager | Analytics
  • Stage 05: Arranger
  • Stage 06: Odds and Ends



PS: If you are having any issues with registering on the forum, or approval, that’s just for anti-spam measures. If I haven’t approved your sign up, let me know your user id via private message.

Sorry for the hassle, I just don’t have the spare time and energy to deal with spam/bots.




Thanks. I’ve got an internal tool :wink:


Can you give a tip how to answer the anti-spam question correctly when signing up? Either I’m too stupid for it, or you set the bar too high. :stuck_out_tongue:


We definitely jump on this software when released so I can easily copy my summer set over different banks easly…ow and it has other features as well :stuck_out_tongue: great work


PM Sent


Also wondering about pipe placement!

Edit: aaand I locked myself out, PM me a clue :wink:


Damn these spam robots, they are getting so smart that now they ask for hints and send pm’s.


Want to buy a new kitchen?


i like those picture tests that as ’ mark the squares with vehicles in them’
but i get it wrong because i click on the square that features a small bit of the corner of the car .

or street signs that extend into the square but according to the algorithm it doesnt actually exist.


Well, the thing is, they’re designed to classify the images, getting them wrong is part of the design. Using them as captchas is just a way to crowdsource the classification. The original ones with poorly scanned text were used as part of Google’s document digitizing scheme.


Oh, I worked it out, was overthinking it. :tunga: Coming to sell you some OG brand sunglasses @Rusty !


Anyone remember the spam-bot topics towards the last days the old Elektronauts platform?
I forget specifics but I remember they were hilarious… :grin:


Not me. But damn my new flatpack kitchen sure does look awesome through my Ray-Bans :sunglasses:


Update: Beta testing is now being performed on both OSX and Windows simultaneously.

Head over and register at the OctaEdit forums if interested; download in the usual fashion.


Hey Rusty, could you clarify the “CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION”-riddle while registering on your forum? I actually dont get it and exceeded the maximum tries :rofl:


And a bunch of people on email and facebook… so obviously the problem is me :expressionless:

Time for a new question.


Maybe the new forum registration question is a little bit better?


Got it, now I did understand the original one too… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: