OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


I too am very interested in this new project. When you’re ready to say something… please don’t hold back…


Now this is some great news … :open_mouth:

Please keep us updated.


Drop us a quiet update in time, … to keep the OTmk2 resale value in a reasonable price range :wink:


If you see me suddenly selling all my Octatracks… that’s your cue.


alright, thanks for the insight.
If you could suggest the workflow for this, I would appreciate it.

So basically, I would make multiple projects with the slots filled with tracks that I want and save those o for later dragging and managing via manager-module?
Downside is only that the user ends up with a lot of unused projects in his project list in a set.
Using the manager for this is no problem for me though.
I was thinking that the “playlists” or “slotlists” that I was hoping for would have been exactly something for the manager and archive-module.


I’d probably just use the a combination of the Samples and Audio Finder modules.

Create your “playlists” in a folder, or folders. So you could have a folder for “House”, folder for “Techno” etc.

Use the Samples Module and just Export required Samples and Settings from a Project into one of your “playlist” folders.

Then in the new/target Project, use the Audio Finder module and drag/drop into the Samples module and import to whichever slot you want.


noted. thx a lot :slight_smile:


I could write up some more detailed notes, or walk you through all that, maybe via messaging / IRC / something else; or on a Skype call if you wanted.

Fairly quick and straight forward though; the tricky part is just how you organise / maintain your music library / playlists on your Octatrack or hard drive (i.e. housekeeping / non OctaEdit stuff)


awesome, big thanks.
More details are always welcome. But I can see how far I get and then ask you when I get lost :smiley:


Yeah i’m waiting to ask questions once i have it installed and i get stumped.


So can you confirm there’s no behaviour differences between MKI and MKII except with button combinations related ones ?
I read just one behaviour difference related to this :
Technique: pickup mayhem

Trying to keep it tidy :wink:


Beta Testers

If you’ve put your hands up for Beta Testing, please head over to the OctaEdit forum and register there.

I am going to be centralising all beta testing / feedback / updates / enhancements over there.

As registration is manual / by my approval; if I can’t easily identify your user name, I might ignore/delete it, so let me know via pm as well.



Totally support this one (except the babies part, of course).

Any news on that?


Unfortunately due to a family medical emergency, I will be offline for a little while.

Beta Testing is therefore on hold until I am back online.

Apologies for any delays or inconveniences.


This sounds serious … best wishes to you and your family for recovery and that everything turns out all right at the end.


Take care, Rusty. Best to you and your family.


I’m slowly getting back online / minimal access. Will attempt to push beta release out this week to all those who have signed up.

Obviously got a lot of emails etc to wade through, have an emergency dev environment to configure, get my head back in the zone first and so forth.

More news soon…


Take care, no rush, summer holidays here.


Yes, Rusty, be sure to take good care of you and yours first.

The ones and zeroes will still be fresh when you’re good and ready for ‘em.


Thanks for the update. Very excited about this release. Hope all is well and take care.