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Thanks for the notice … I already guessed this after reading the first pages :wink:

… but honestly … 400 pages paperwork … is a thick bock and there are woods to be saved … I have all my manuals on an iPad next to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Chainer Module

More news soon…


feature request on the chainer module:
to be able to change the gain “per slice” ( with a slider for example, allways active on the sample/slice in focus )
also the ability to load allready existing sample chains into the chainer to shown again as “sliced” ( i´m on a VERY old version of octaedit , on this one its not possible it seems ) and then same as above:
ability to adjust gain per slice.

reason ?
i juggle with my samples and those from Ignatius/Muffs right now and encountered that often some samples disturb the flow of p-locking away cause they´re too loud “in the context of a specific chain”.
means: it has much reasons to not do all samples with full gain.
but you just know when you work or at least check a specific sample chain.

so its not the same to go to your audio editor and work from there.
has to be in your chainer software.

more than just a thought :wink:
would be very welcome to see that feature !

edit: p-locking the volume from the amp section is a solution, but whenever this one is used in a sequenze can, at least i, forget to put the volume onto the fader-locks.
and totally less grips if a chain would be allready adjusted “to taste” in this regard



  • Load existing Sample, and create Chain. Automatically creating individual slices and audio files, whether within a Project or not.

  • Save Chain to OctaEdit OCZ archive file

  • Load Chain from OctaEdit OCZ archive file

We can all share Sample Chains :slight_smile:

So OctaEdit should also be an audio editor with single/batch editing for volume/normalisation?


Obviously your own created ones from your own source material.

In no way, shape, or form am I advocating creating sample chains from commercial sample libraries or sources and sharing them around.


i know it sounds a bit like :wink:
Well, it falls ofcourse into the “audio editor” area, but its a very specific wish and setup.
in that sense: no, not wishing that the octaedit becomes “a audio editor” ;).
its really about to change gain settings within existing chains , per slice !
which means we can listen to the samples within that chain AND adjust. And without all the clicks you´d have to do within a audio editor

the idea would be that one can change the gain, per slice.
not only normalising. For me the much more important part would be Volume attenuation of a slice.
the idea would be, ideally, that “the slice in focus”, would be the one that gets any volume adjustment setting ( from a separate Fader on the GUI, or so ) apllied to it. Kind of automatic assoon that volume control would be moved and a singkle slice is on focus ( by clicking on it ).
Ad a lock-unlock switch beside that volume fader for savety reasons.
ad a own Normlz button for quick normalisation of a single slice.

that “audio editor” allways thinking in slices :wink:

so far my idea


So an audio editor with single/batch editing then :wink:


The Options Module


The Support Module

More news soon…


big congrats Rusty! V2 really looks very nice.
I bought V1 two years ago, but did not dive in yet. V2 will be the activation for me :smiley:
Loooooking forward!


You are the Pro. You know better what name fits :wink:

looking much forward to purchase the octaedit again, …V2 now with mkII. Call it my second Octatrack live. :wink:
…and totally would like to have a beta, respectivly to have it as soon as possible :wink:


The Audio Finder Module


The Library Module


The Analytics Module

The Analytics Module when in Active mode (There is also a Results mode) displays the currently active, or utilised elements within a Project in a matrix.

This allows you to quickly see which Banks, Patterns, Tracks, Parts and Scenes are used in a Project.

The Set used is the either the Main Set, Manager Source, or Manager Target Set. (As I am in “Normal” mode, only “Main Set” is available. In “Manager” mode I would see two buttons for “Manager Source” and “Manager Target”)

The Project being analysed is the currently selected Project in OctaEdit.

Currently Bank 01 is selected. You can see which Banks are active undeneath the buttons.

So within Bank 01:

Pattern 01 uses Tracks 01 to Track 06
Pattern 05 uses Tracks 01 to Track 05
Pattern 09 uses Tracks 01 to Track 07
Pattern 05 uses Tracks 13 to Track 06
All other Patterns / Tracks are not used.

Part 01, 02, 03 and 04 use Scenes 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 15 and 16
All other scenes are not used


holy smokes man, you’ve been busy. imma give you my money


I’m confused with Set / Main Set above, without Project names, Active row… :thinking:
Could you clarify ?


Added a brief overview / description above the screenshot for you.


Thanks, I understand now.
I couldn’t imagine all banks used (active row).
Maybe because I don’t have OctaEdit ? :smile:


i’m learning things just by looking at the screenshots.
this looks great …


I cannot understand or found a real interest in this software because it is not usable in real time …
Will it be one day ?

OctaEdit v2 : Win a copy of OctaEdit