OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


Thanks, watch out for the lochness monster :grin:



Everyone likes pretty pictures.

Yes. Currently a work in progress, but documentation will always come last.


Stoked for this and for @Rusty forging ahead, it will be worth the wait, I know it. :space_invader:


The Arp Designer Module


The LFO Designer Module

More news soon…


Is there a place to sign up for the public beta or are you just going to have it downloadable on octaedit.com?

Super stoked for this btw!


Is there is a “Status Update On OctaEdit” somewhere ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha. We were promised this thing! We need a class action law suit! Rusty is just one man, if we sue him he’ll put it out faster and it will be everything we expect and if it’s not we’ll sue again…

Oops, wrong thread.

Seriously excited about this though.


Who knows? At first I thought he was a bird, then, a cat, rabbit…


He’s definitely a rabbit. Riding a moonbeam.


I’m hoping for a playback position indicator (e.g. vertical bar) in the sample waveform display. Double points if I can click the waveform to jump the current playback position.

The primary reason: some of the samples I use are short. In these cases, it’s no big deal to sit for 10 seconds and allow a sample to play through. But other samples are quite long.

I do not see this feature in 1.1.4, which is the last version I have installed.


Done. 5 points.

Done. 10 points. (5 points * double modifier)

Rusty’s current score: 15 Points


*10 because Rusty keeps on crushing it!

150 points just on my post alone!!


Hey, not sure if this is currently possible, I know we had a lot of fun messing with the arranger module when it first came out.

My one master feature request that I would kill innumerable babies for is this: the ability to concatenate arrangements. The limit of 8 arrangements per project has caused me so much grief as we use the ot as a sort of automated drum machine/sequencer in my band. Every time we write a new song and want to incorporate it into our sets I have to save yet another copy of the master project and replace an old song with the new. If there were a way to roll up arrangement elements into a new arrangement element containing arrangement A,B,C,Y,Z,X I could do our set planning in advance and manage a master live project and has so much less stress in life :heart_eyes:


How many babies?


Paid upgrade babies


If I start charging you, then I’d have to start charging everyone else, only way to be fair :crazy_face:


:sweat_smile: sorry errybody


downloaded it … 400 pages … Rock’n Roll … great work … :star_struck: :open_mouth::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t print or memorise it… I’m currently updating it for v2.