OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


It took multiple months for me to catch the train. You’ll catch it eventually :slight_smile:


I’m not worried. Rusty seems to be a reliable fellow. It was my own fault for not exercising proper reading comprehension on his post


ok, Rusty just pointed me to the fact that there is a zoom setting given in octaedit.
…and since i just found my old, unused octaedit ( i gave the license to the guy who bought my OT1 back then) i just started it and made a sample chain on the fast.

ok, works for me now ! was user error then.
so i was panic for nothing in my post above.


Sequencer Module : Tracks View

Sequencer Module : Recorders View

Sequencer Module : Settings View

More news soon…


Please take my money


Samples in Bulk Edit Mode

This one is for you @jdpnyc :wink:

Select one or more samples as required by clicking the Sample Pads

Any permutation of Gain, Loop Mode, Timestretch Mode, Trig Quantisation and Slices can be modified for the selected Sample Slots at the same time.

Whether these are actioned depends on the toggle state of the parameter.

In the below screenshot, Gain [ 5.5db ], Timestretch Mode [ Normal ] and Slices [ 16 ] will be set for Flex003, Flex005 and Flex007


Arranger Module


@Rusty what is the time line for release?


With the caveat that I don’t like giving release dates… I’ll say this:

As with all software development, it is sometimes tough to accurately estimate the time required to finalize an application. I can only humbly ask you to bear with me a little longer while I get everything up and running to the high standards both you and I expect from OctaEdit.

OSX Public Beta

Couple of days as I do final sanity checks, tie up any loose ends etc. for public consumption. Could do it now, but I’m being fussy.

Windows Public Beta

Whenever OSX Public Beta is “near enough” that beta testers are happy, and I’m dealing with minor tweaks and edge cases.

This is just to save myself time from dual compiling / hunting down platform specific issues.

General Release ( OSX and Windows )

Whenever OSX and Window Beta users are happy. I can potentially see OSX General Release happening slightly before Windows General Release as should only be platform specific scenarios at that stage.


cheers Rusty


The Manager Module

The Manager module provides the ability to copy Elements from a Source Set/Project to a Target Set/Project.

Elements can be copied at the Project, Bank, Pattern, Track, Part or Scene level, from any Project in any Set to any other Project in any other Set, and includes the ability to remap sample assignments on the fly.

Boasting a feature set that is way too long to list, with just a couple of clicks entire sets can be merged together seamlessly, meaning you never have to worry about the Octatrack structure ever again.

More news soon…


Is it possible to copy Track X Scene plocks to Track Y, Z…?


Yes. You can do that in the Sequencer Module.

Theres a lot more detailed answer depending on the specific requirements?


“Yes” is a satisfying answer. :slight_smile:
This is pretty boring to do manually in OT as you have to write / memorize values.


With OctaEdit you can basically copy/paste load/save anything*

I call them Elements

A Bank is an Element; a Part is an Element, a Step is an Element etc.

It’s even possible to copy one or more elements of a Step (e.g. Trig Type, Swing, Parameter Locks) to one or more Steps in the Sequencer.

OctaEdit has a custom hierarchy that is different to the Octatrack; so allows a lot of flexibility in what you copy/paste, or Save to the Library, or Load from the Library

***** For a list of what can be copied/pasted, loaded or saved, check the “The Library Module” section of the FAQ


Please let me ask a possibly very stupid question, because I did’t want to read through all thousand posts.

Could I buy a copy of the OctaEdit V2 soon?

Since the INDIEGOGO campaign informed me that the project had been closed, I lost track … after getting a refund of the money.


Soon, I’ll link appropiate post here:


I downloaded your little 400 pages manual. :slight_smile:
Pictures, not only pages full of text ! :smile:
Seems not very hard to read.
Is it still a main reference ?
I know it must be a lot of work but do you plan to update it just after V2 release ?


What will the price be?


I’m getting to know the OT a bit better so I’m curious about this, once the Windows version is out. If it makes managing my samples easier (renaming them, keeping track of them, etc) I’d be worth for just that. Obviously, this does a heck of a lot more though…I’ll start RTFM tonight. :stuck_out_tongue: