OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor




Couple of minor limitations using current version of OctaEdit with OSv1.30 until the next update.

Currently in heavy beta testing.


The Stars have finally aligned and I can cease my occasional pestering!


Status Update on OctaEdit

I know a lot of you are eagerly and patiently waiting for the next version of OctaEdit.

When I initially started the update, I was aiming for a May release; however due to starting a few weeks late, it has pushed the anticipated release date into June.

The current state of the next update for OctaEdit is in “closed beta”; I am just concentrating on ironing out some loose ends, dealing with some edge cases and so forth.

Hopefully it will be worth the wait, I think it will be.



Thanx for the update.

I still offer myself for beta tssting, as OE is not working for me in it’s current state/on my specific hardware setup. So maybe it helps to find a few bugs :wink:


Thanks for the update rusty :wink:


PM Sent


Hi Rusty,
What’s the latest available Win Octaedit version?

About to do some hard core sorting of my sample libraries vs Octa projects and want to use the best tool available! thanks


Same old version I’m afraid, until I finish beta testing this update…

I’d love to say wait, it will be worth it, but I can’t (i.e. won’t) give a release date until I’m 100% confident I can meet it; which me being me, means after I’ve very throughly tested it.


Grand - thanks - 1.0.010 gets a lot done anyway. (Making a big set of rawcutz-based ‘starter projects’ as out of the box base projects by mimicking their maschine projects.)


Sweet :slight_smile:

I’m just working through all the UAT and edge cases at the moment… fun times.


i have a OT-mkII now.
i´d be interested in the file management.
copy& paste bank and patterns to projects, or just copy patterns around.
and also the sample file management.
and sample chain making
is “this” octa edit good for the OT-mkII ? i´m not clear on that.

( had the octa edit for a short time allready when it came out, but was unused and sold it with my OT )

( saw once a kickstarter thing for the mkII octaedit…no clue where all is now)


Hey rusty, patiently waiting for the new release,…but maybe i can work with what you have at the moment… do you(or somebody else that has tried it with mk2) know if moving a bank with patterns containing conditional triggers to a new project, will move these triggers to the new project. I know that cond triggers aren’t supported yet but not sure if that means they are: a) just ignored, b)seen and moved (maybe the limitation is just editing or creating new conditions) , or c) changed to a regular trigger.

Truth is either way is a step up to trying to consolidate jams in other projects to one new one for a live performance as elektron designed it.
I’m sure i’ll eventually use most of the features you have set up but my main concern right now is moving banks/patterns to one project. If all i have to do is “fix” some conditional triggers then i’m ready to purchase.


You and me both.

Limitation is around creating and editing Conditional Triggers (and Trig Counts and MicroTiming with OSv1.30C). But copying/pasting/moving Tracks/Patterns/Banks should pick all these up fine.

Or just wait (patiently) a bit more for the net release.


As long as it does not mean an overbridge-for-MKII-long time to wait, I’m totally fine :wink:


How long is an overbridge-for-MKII-long wait time?


About 14 month now, iirc


I’ll see what I can do…


Does somebody uses OctaEdit with OSX High Sierra? It works?


Works for me on High Sierra