OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


Had mine with a freeze and pixel screen for repair last year, good luck.


Sucks. Good luck!


gosh. missed the small time window to buy :wink: good luck with your OT!


It will be back soon.


Feeling your pain. Good luck with it!


may I ask what the repair did cost?
Asking for a friend :wink:


It wasn’t that much, incl. shipping something like 70 - 80 Euro I think, didn’t´t take long either, had mine after 2 weeks.

But still annoying, because it was not my fault, obviously a manufacturing issue in some (early?) OT´s.


Hey Rusty I’m ready to buy Oct…ah crap I missed it again!


Hi Rusty ! It look nice !

Is it usable on live while the machine is playing ?


No :slight_smile: fwiw that’s in the FAQ I think, along with a bunch of other stuff I wanted to ask :smiley:


I’m afraid not. Check “Does OctaEdit work in real-time?” in the FAQ for a more detailed answer.


Back soon; sorry,


One broken output socket, one bout of the flu later… whats next?


Shite… how? And when can I throw my money on you for an OE licence so you can get it repaired? :wink:


So, just to be clear… I’m currently working on one very large, potentially final update for OctaEdit; that includes support for the Octatrack MkII, OSv1.30, Conditional Trigs and entirely rewritten manual.

When will the update be released?

Pragmatic answer is “when it is ready”.

I do not like publishing time frames, as software development and hardware OS changes can always throw up unexpected scenarios; and I am not going to release the update just to meet an arbitrary deadline.

I am expecting the update will be available in about three or four weeks / Mid to late April at present.

Will you be adding in function X, Y or Z?

Now would be a great time to let me know if you have any feature requests; or additional functionality that you would like added.


Feature request: ease the process of changing from static to flex and vice versa. We briefly talked about this in another thread.


It’s on my list.


Function X would be great. It would add so much.


Good news ! Do you work with 1.30 C or D ?
Feature request reminder :
Megabreak of Doom Matrix Sample Chains. :wink:



OSv1.30D has not actually been released yet. Some, um, “Beta testers” have it at the moment.

Depending on where I am at when release time; will either support OSv1.30C (and not D); or if OSv1.30D gets released; then I’ll have to go re-test everything and support only D, or both C and D

I’ll know more in the next couple of weeks.

It’s on the list… but like everything else; doesn’t exist until it’s officially released.