OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


>> paid, now a refund… Octaedit is the last missing puzzle to make the OT perfect… for me, such great work, thanks Rusty!

Awesome; all sorted with IndieGoGo then? Good to hear. All out of my hands that.

>> Too bad it didn’t work on Indiego, hope you´ll find a way to make it available… next week… :wink:

I’ll have a bit more free time as of next Friday. Just polishing off work contract.


No hurry Rusty, take your time, but I am excited to get my hands on this and really happy you´ll make it available, thanks!

Yes, Indiegogo refund is done :wink:


I got so excited when I found out about this amazing looking software but then realised I can’t buy it???
Please let me give you my money!
How do i get it???



There, said the Mayor, that’s that.


Finishing work contracts can be the best feeling ever.


Update the FAQ… that was fun \o/

Anyone waiting… I’m in the middle of a little mini review / audit.

More news soon.


OctaEdit is now available again.

Please read the purchase page, FAQ, and ask me any questions if anything is not clear; or if you have any questions.


Supported ! Now let’s talk about that octabounce would you ? :stuck_out_tongue:


anybody test this with the mk2?


I will be soon :slight_smile:


Awesome. Keep us updated. Definitely will be getting it soon.

@Rusty being that conditional triggers are not currently addressed, would at least existing ones in current ot sessions copy over to another project using the manager module (or whichever one does that)?


keep us posted)


They should be fine if the parent (i.e. Track); or any ancestor (e.g. Pattern, Bank, Project) in the hierarchy is copied over.


You mean this one?


Great, finally available, have to collect some money first though, thanks Rusty, such amazing work, can´t wait to check it!

Not sure if I am right, but shouldn’t this be updated above, might be confusing to some…for me it was.
Maybe put the purchase link even ahead of everything else in this thread, instead of needing to scroll down and kinda search for it…, make a bigger, more official link, maybe within the OCTAEDIT info would probably be more handy and hopefully a easier way to purchase, give it a big, maybe new and prober, needed AD.
Maybe hard to tell for everyone that OCTA EDIT is available now if you are not really into this thread, maybe even open a new thread, or change something in the header info, just some minor thoughts :wink:


Good points, well made :slight_smile:

I’ll put “clean up the first post” on my list of things to do.



Awesome. Broken Octatack. OctaEdit will be offline till I get it fixed. Sorry.


Gah! I’m so sorry! I hope it isn’t a mortal injury!


Had mine with a freeze and pixel screen for repair last year, good luck.