OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


Happy holidays :smiley:


Be great to have you back :slightly_smiling_face:

Be good to see what I have for you in the new year :wink:


Can this or anything else auto-populate Pattern Trigs? Looking to generate euclidean rhythms and other algorithmic patterns like my Rytm app


What do you mean by “Auto Populate” ?

OctaEdit allows you to modify Trigs; or Trig elements (Trig, Swing, Slide, Rec A/B, Rec C/D, Rec I/N, Rec OS); Parameter Locks (draw or individual step); Copy/Paste (including indivdual elements) Save/Load to/from Library; etc.


Just ordered, the long wait is almost over.
So happy to get my hands on this soon.

Brilliant work rusty, worth every penny.
Thanks so much :wink:

OctaEdit v2 is now live on IndieGoGo!

With a rush and a push and OctaEdit v2 is ours…

OctaEdit v2 IndieGoGo Campaign - Only a few days left…

I have been running an IndieGoGo campaign for OctaEdit v2

Why an IndieGoGo campaign?

A lot of work has been done already on OctaEdit v2, yet still a lot more to do.

As I am sure you are well aware; OctaEdit is a massive program, with a wealth of functionality available; and now with the release of the Octatrack MkII and OSv1.30c there is more to do.

Doing an IndieGoGo campaign allows me to justify the effort that I am putting in; ensure more sales; and provide some marketing and exposure.

What’s new in OctaEdit v2?

  • Updated GUI / UX
  • Octatrack Mk II Support
  • OSv1.30 Support
  • Conditional Trigs
  • Updated / rewritten manual
  • Some new functionality and improvements
  • Maybe Midi Import / Export; depending on how the IndieGoGo campaign goes…

Will you be adding in function X, Y or Z?

Now would be a great time to let me know if you have any feature requests; or additional functionality that you would like added.

Post publicly either on the IndieGoGo campaign, Elektronauts or Facebook; or send me an email.

How much will OctaEdit v2 cost?

For existing users? Free

OctaEdit v2 will be a free update to all existing users; who will automatically receive a “Full” licence; and I will send those out to you in time for the v2 release.

What happens if it doesn’t meet the target?

Then obviously there is not enough interest to justify the effort involved; and I then question if I want to spend hundreds, if not a thousand or two, hours worth of coding, development, testing, documentation, rewriting the manual and putting together tutorials etc.

If I do decide to release OctaEdit v2 anyway; then it will be in my spare time; as/when I feel like it; and day job / other projects will take priority.

What can I do to help?

Spread the word. Post positive feedback / referrals. Spam forums / public media. Inform Blogs / Websites etc.



I think it was mentioned earlier that there’s no chance OE will appear for iOS, which is understandable.
How about a simple? app to transfer loops to/from OT. It could offer sample chaining modes, loop slicing modes as separate IAPs to make it more or less sustainable.


It’s really surprising that only 56 folks have backed this one. Have I grossly over estimated the number of OT users around the globe? Or some other reason?

Still, a wise move on @Rusty’s part to guage interest before kicking off.


Totally agreed - i would even plead everyone who allready owns the software to participate in the Campaign. I think a lot of the people owning an Octatrack do allready own the Software, and Rusty tries to give them the Update for free - which is noble but comes with the risk of abandoning the software.

I’d be totally fine with a small upgrade fee - therefore i just donated my part to the campaign. I really plead every other existing user to do so as well, otherwise we risk having a piece of disfunctional software made for a prehistoric OS for the OT. And it would be just fair to Rusty, who is putting a lot of effort into keeping it alive.


Come on everybody! This is such a small investment for something that makes your black machine open up as Pandora’s box.

This REALLY should be a no-brainer for all OT owners (and I’m sure we’re more than 56).

You either go in now or we’ll probably lose this software forever…


I was just too late to get any of the early bird OctaEdit (full version) preorders - the 50% off and 25% off are both sold out,
so now my plan has been to just buy OctaEdit when I’m ready to dive into my Octatrack again.


For those who have asked about OctaEdit availability, check back in…



I was interested in this software but I just got an Octatrack a few weeks back and it basically came down to not yet understanding what I might be missing or stand to gain from the multiple offerings that were presented.

I just didn’t have time to spend to figure it out or use my hardware much yet. Looks interesting though!


Is it available? I’ve been going to the website, but the purchase link directs to an inactive IndieGoGo.


raises hand

Now can I give you some money? :slight_smile:


Next weekend. I’ll update the site this weekend.


Next weekend :wink:


This is pretty much where I stand as well. As of now, I didn’t have the time to properly dive into the machine, at least not deep enough to warrant spending on additional software.
That being said, I’ve only read praises for The OctaEdit suite so I expect to be purchasing whatever version of the software is available in the near future.
Sorry @Rusty , I know thanks and promises won’t pay your bills, but this is all I can offer you right now :disappointed_relieved:


Can I buy it now? Lol I feel like I’ll have to buy it now with as much grief as I give you Rusty! <3


I paid, now a refund…

Octaedit is the last missing puzzle to make the OT perfect… for me, such great work, thanks Rusty!

Too bad it didn’t work on Indiego, hope you´ll find a way to make it available… next week… :wink: