OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


Your insight into his reasoning makes me feel differently about it, I’ll reassess the situation once it’s available again, thanks.


I think REM notes are easier to edit with OctaEdit. :wink:


I see what you did there :rofl:


It is from the perspective of OctaEdit customers. He didn’t say how much of his time will be consumed by travelling, or corporate work.

In a pedantic sense ;), you may be right he’s not having much of a “vacation”.


On the purchase link for the website it says he’ll be gone until December 5th, today is the 9th


Hi! Any Idea why on sequencer view / audio section I’m only able to select empty track sample. All the filled one aren’t displayed.
I have the latest OS of OT maybe it’s the reason why?


Year is not mentioned…:slightly_smiling_face:
As you said get better at managing through the Octatrack until it is ok.


Valid point, I suppose he could have meant next year or the year after.


I agree w/ sezare56. You’re going to want to continue getting to know your Octatrack and be able to do things with it without needing a computer hooked up to it all the time. Well, I would anyway.

OctaEdit I’m sure will help a lot but it’s supported by a guy who has to work a different job to pay his bills. If something happened to prevent him from being back in business for OctaEdit on Dec. 5 I bet it has something to do with his “real” job, or family.


I don’t have OctaEdit, I don’t especially like software editors (not concerned by my compulsive GAS), I prefer to avoid computers, but I think it’s a powerful tool and time saver if you want to go deep in your own template project, for all banks, specific lfo designers, many arp patterns, slices…and more.
It would help me to find a workflow for sure, I didn’t find one after 3 years with OT. :sketchy:
Next year ? :smile:


I also don’t have it yet, but will probably get it soon. My Octatrack sort of crashed summer of last year in the middle of band rehearsal - had to quickly replace it with OP-1, Akai Headrush looper pedal, and Eventide H9 - already owned all those pieces of gear but wasn’t using them with this particular band as I was trying to maintain an easily transportable setup.

Anyway, it’s back in operation after deleting many old/unused projects and updating to 1.30, OctaEdit also being updated to support 1.30 is an incentive.


I’m totally capable of using the Octatrack without a computer. OctaEdit just would allow me to organize things faster and clean things up once I was done with a track. Copy and paste all over the place is slow on Octatrack.


I guess I misunderstood what you meant by “need to get better at managing through the Octatrack”


Back now. ten days sans interwebs; five days of depression \o/


Thats the intention; and as/when it is; then an appropiate announcement will be made


Sorry about that; but I do have a rational behind doing so. I think what @Hans_Olo said pretty much nails it. Thanks Hans :slight_smile:


Which Octatrack OS are you running? I assume OSv1.30B? Feel free to send me a message or email.


Hope you’ve banished those black dogs for now and the “up” cycle is a long one.


I hear you. For me, it’s making it hard to sit at my Octatrack. Even though every time I do, I manage to produce something that I’m proud of. My own brain is its own worst enemy sometimes.

The fact that you’ve reverse engineered the OT’s project files and data structures is really inspiring to me! (And I won’t lie: the fact that OctaEdit exists is one of the reasons I bought the Octatrack. Not necessarily because I wanted to use the software (tho I think I will in the end), but because Elektron’s systems are open enough to allow it to exist. That helped make me feel very comfortable with the platform.)

Anyhoo blah blah, hope you’re doing ok and I’m looking forward to hearing about the new version as it develops!



Going to go offline for a couple of weeks.

Have a great Christmas / New Years if that is your jam.

Whatever you do, stay safe, have fun, make some music and be happy.

I’ll see you in the new year, and we’ll see what that brings :wink: