OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


Thanks Rusty. I owe you a drink(s)


OctaEdit v1.1.400 Beta is now available (OSX Only)

Grab it the regular way.

If you want the OSX Legacy version, give me a yell.

Windows version? I’m working out some bugs specific to the Windows build :expressionless:


Sorry to hear it, sending good vibes yoir way.


Where is my Licence Key?

Check your email; I am resending them to everyone who didn’t download theirs.

If you don’t have yours in the next twenty four hours; please contact me.


All licences sent out now… check your email . Contact me if you don’t have it.

Remember, you’ll only need it for v1.1.300 and up.


if possible can u send me a Legacy version?
mac os x 10.8.5


FYI: I’ll have limited ability to provide support between Saturday 24th March and Thursday 20th July

My apologies in advance in you need any help; support will be available; just delayed so expect a response within 24 to 48 hours.

I’ll be travelling for family medical reasons; so will not always be online.

If you haven’t got your licence key, send me an email and I’ll send it over to you.

Purchasing is also temporarily disabled whilst I deal with stuff and things.

Thanks for your understanding.


Sorry if I’m being stupid here, but what is ‘the regular way’? I can’t find a download link for a new version of the software on the website or the OctaEdit forum or any upgrade path in the software itself! What am I missing?


Probably the download page? Links are included when I send you emails etc.


OT Mk II support? :wink:


Ooooof! Don’t start all that here as well! :smile:


Spoke too soon - email from elektron - it’s official!


looks like it! And Rusty won’t have to update anything for that :wink:


tl;dr: Yes

Long Version:

Given what I have briefly read and seen; the OT Mk II is just a new casing / screen / buttons with the addition of a few new shortcut buttons; and will be runnng the same OS as the OT Mk I; then the initial response is that OctaEdit will support both OT MkI and OT MkII running either OSv1.25E or OSv1.25H


Thats what they always say :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking at the new keys; I would expect a new OS release, OSv1.25I to handle the shortcuts that the keys will enable.

Naturally that means I’ll need to do a whole round of testing and checking of the new OS…

See @void… it’s never that easy :smiley_cat:


Has anyone tried octaedit? Any good?


If you want a license, I would sell it.
I guess it’s great, but I was too lazy to get into it. I’m fine with my OT on it’s own.
Sorry, this was not not your question, other people will tell you a different story :slight_smile:


It does what it promises to do. If those are features you need then you’ll like it. IMO it’s very useful for organising messy OT projects into a neat liveset.


FYI: Back to normal operations. My apologies for the intermission. Life happens.