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Hi Rusty, looking to pick up an OT soon along with Octaedit. Looks like an amazing piece of software for OT users. Wanted to know the behaviour for renaming files as per the above thread, but I don’t know how you ended up moving forward. What I would like:

Renaming a sample also renames it within all projects - so that when I reopen the project, I can see all the new names. As you mention this means the projects need be saved as well to maintain dependencies. I’m fine with this!

Is this possible in the current version, or the 1.3 version? I would like be able to do sessions with lots of sampling and resampling without worrying about names, then use Octaedit later to go in and clean up the sample names later. This would be my main reason for buying the software.

Looking forward to jumping in. Hope what I’ve written is clear enough. :slight_smile:


I finally pushed the button last WE and I just find time to use it, this helps me a looot. I have live next WE and need to clean my project : easy like a sunday mooorning !


I haven’t implemented ‘Sample Renaming’ / OctaEdit doesn’t have this functionality.

It’s not that I can’t do it; but it creates a potential issue around scenarios where a user might rename a sample that is referenced by multiple Projects.

If they don’t save all the Projects; then they would end up with broken references to the old sample in the (unsaved) Projects.

There is then the potential that cats might complain; and blame OctaEdit when it has functioned exactly as designed, but the user has failed to complete a process.

Thats not an acceptable risk that I am prepared to take.

The obvious workaround is to auto-save the affected Projects.

That brings in the potential that OctaEdit will save a Project; including changes that the user didn’t actually want (e.g. they were playing around without concentrating / just testing etc); they might then blame OctaEdit, when, again, it has functioned exactly as designed, but the user has failed to understand the process / realised what is occuring.

Again, not an acceptable risk that I am prepared to take.

This is just being pragmatic and risk-adverse. I’ve already been burnt by people complaining on forums / facebook etc about “issues” when it has functioned exactly as designed and documented; yet instead of querying the how and why; they’ve gone and posted “OctaEdit sucks!!!” publicly on Facebook… once explained to them, they’ve realised the error of their ways; but as an independent developer relying on word-of-mouth / recommendations; I can’t afford, nor deal with that kind of scenario.

In saying all that…

Functionality exists within the Samples module for sample import/export; so you can very quickly select a sample e.g. Flex001 "“KickyKick”; export it as “MyKick”; then reimport it back into Project; overwriting the existing slot. Net result is the same as renaming the file.


Thanks for the detailed response. I understand your concerns, for sure.

This would be my number one feature request I suppose (with a giant “Do you understand the implications of renaming?” dialogue). But understand if you don’t want to take the risk.

Also good to know about the workaround.


I’ve added a “Sample Rename” function in v1.1.222

Will be available in the forthcoming release candidate / OctaEdit v1.2.000


That is great news, and very appreciated! Many thanks. :slight_smile:


Question about the octachanier. When you chain a couple of sound files together and load in to the octatrack are they pre sliced , or do you still have to slice manually in the octatrack ?



The Chainer module creates the Sample Chain and the required settings file as well.

You can then either import the Sample Chain directly into a Project of the currently loaded Set; export the Sample Chain to disk / Octatrack for later use; or backup the Sample Chain and all samples into a archive for later editing.


That is awesome :slight_smile:


OctaEdit v1.1.300 Beta is now available (OSX Only)

OctaEdit is now in public beta; available to all users via the regular way.

If you are a new user; and want the old OSX version (v1.1.010) then please let me know.

So whats new?

  • New Audio Engine
  • GUI Overhaul
  • New Samples Module.
  • New Arranger Module.
  • New Audio Finder Module.
  • Moved Arp Designer, LFO Designer and Support modules into their own tabs.
  • A whole bunch of other stuff, tweaks, enhancements, code tightening etc…

Way, way too much to mention, as the change log is hundreds of lines long.

Pretty pictures of course, because we all like those…

OctaEdit : Updated UI

New Samples Module: Slots Mode

New Samples Module: Slices Mode

New Arranger Module

New Audio Finder Module

Updated Arp Designer Module

Updated LFO Designer Module

Updated Options Module

Updated Support Module

It never ends…


Awesome :slight_smile:


I just bought the software, is it not possible to use the software realtime or do i have to go to usb mode and then save in octaedit to use it ?


You can’t use it in realtime with the Octatrack playing. Simply put, OctaEdit requires access to the comapct flash card, and you can’t do that when the Octatrack is using it. Can only have one thing accessing the card at a time.

And the Octatrack doesn’t have the capabilities to be integrated to by the outside world due to the poor midi specification, and non existent sysex. Also why no iPad version, IOS just doesn’t have the capabilities to integrate with the Octatrack, due to the limited access to the machine. So whilst I could write an IPad app, it would only provide 10% of the functionality of OctaEdit if that at best, not worth the effort, and you could only get access to the current Part of the current Bank in the current Project… i.e. nothing at all.


Thanks still great software


Woooo! Go Almighty Rustyyy! Waiting on 1.1.3 WIN.


Probably not… you’ll get either v1.1.400 or v1.2.000 :wink:


Oh snap. I’ll just plunk down now then. New some better project mobility in my life.


It’s because I’m already pastv1.1.300; and getting ready for a new build… :wink:


OctaEdit v1.2 will be a free update for all users.

I keep getting asked this. I haven’t charged for any updates yet, what makes you think I’m going to start now? :smiley_cat:


Thanks Rusty. I owe you a drink(s)