OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor


the interface is lovely although would like a user option for the menu to change the highlight colour of the red text to be purple


Arranger coming? If so, what can be done?


The Arranger module allows the ability to edit Arrangements in OctaEdit, and provides a wealth of funtionality.


  • Added new ‘Arranger’ module.
  • Modify any of the eight (8) Arrangements in a special ‘Edit’ buffer.
  • Freely copy Arrangements within a Project.
  • Rename Arrangements
  • Add, Add at End, Clone, Move, Copy, Paste and Delete Rows within an Arrangement.
  • Edit Pattern / Action / Comments for one, or multiple rows simultaneously.
  • Edit Offset / Length for one, or multiple rows simultaneously.
  • Edit Crossfader Scene Assignments for one, or multiple rows simultaneously.
  • Edit Tempo for one, or multiple rows simultaneously.
  • Edit Midi Track Transposition for one, or multiple rows simultaneously.
  • Edit Audio and Midi Mutes for one, or multiple rows simultaneously.

Note: Functionality may be subject to change, additions, or depreciations.


Well, count me in then!


Sent you a PM…


An iOS version? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Yes! That’s exactly what I’m look for. Buy now!!!


No. From the FAQ:

iOS / iPad version?

iOS just doesn’t have the capabilities to integrate with the Octatrack, due to the limited access to the machine.

Likewise, the Octatrack doesn’t have the capabilities to be integrated to by the outside world due to its poor midi specification and non existent SysEx.

So whilst an IOS app could be written, it would provide less then 10% of the functionality of OctaEdit at best.

OctaEdit is a lot more complex then just simply sending some midi CC#’s or SysEx data.


People making quick photoshops and preseting that as something that doesn’t exist… :confused:


OctaEdit Announcement

As of v1.2.000; OctaEdit will be available in a modular fashion with a new pricing scheme.

Full Version US$99 : Features the Project, Samples, Sequencer, Arranger, Manager, Chainer, Audio Finder, Arp Designer, LFO Designer, Library, Analytics, Options and Support Modules.

“Samples” US$30 : Features the Samples, Chainer, Audio Finder, Analytics, Options and Support Modules.

“Manager” US$30 : Features the Manager, Analytics, Options and Support Modules.

“Samples and Manager” US$60 : Features the Samples, Manager, Chainer, Audio Finder, Analytics, Options and Support Modules.

Which one is for me?

Depends on what you want to do. Refer to the Manual and FAQ regarding the functionality of each module.

Can I upgrade from “Samples”, “Manager” or “Samples & Manager” to the full version of OctaEdit?

Yes. Available upgrade paths are:

Samples -> Samples and Manager: US$30
Manager -> Samples and Manager: US$30
Samples -> Full Version: US$80
Manager -> Full Version: US$80
Samples and Manager -> Full Version: US$50

I’ve already got OctaEdit, what does that mean to me?

Existing users have an ‘OctaEdit’ licence; so will automatically get the new Samples, Arranger and Audio Finder modules in v1.2.000

Any questions?

Just ask.


nice. it makes an already great program even better with the option to choose what one would need. thank you rusty


Any ideas when purchase will be available again? Just got my bonus from work and really do not mind using an older release or beta testing until 1.2 release is finalized. If I don’t pick it up soon, this money will evaporate to cover bills.


I expect to be pushing out a new release candidate in the next day or two; just isolating / resolving some edge cases in the Samples module.

I’m debating whether to reenable purchase now, given the new news; or wait till the (full) v1.2 release; which shouldn’t be too far away.

Obviously given the large changes and the new structure is why I’ve withheld it from sale… tbh; best if I push out the new RC first; then think about it.

Ooohhh… you’ve got evaporating money like me :slight_smile:


Great to hear Rusty! I know how development goes and do not want to be a factor in pushing it out too early.

I will try to be patient. I will try to only hit refresh a few times a day lol.


OctaEdit is now available for purchase again.

Please note:

OctaEdit is currently going through a Release Candidate cycle for v1.2.000 (OSX and Windows) as of 1st May 2017

All development efforts are concentrated on finalising the next release. This means that there will be no updates or fixes to existing versions.

Existing users can of course get their hands on the release candidates.

If you are looking for the “Samples”; “Manager” or “Samples & Manager” versions of OctaEdit, these will not be available till after the v1.2.000 release.

Purchasing OctaEdit now is purchasing a full OctaEdit licence; and will include the v1.2.000 upgrade when released.


Chack the FAQ… won’t be happening till after v1.2.000 at the earliest.


Probably a few minutes ago.


OctaEdit: v1.2.000, Development Pipeline and Feature Requests

OctaEdit v1.2.000 to be released soon; is a very large update and introduces the following:

  • New Samples Module
  • New Arranger Module
  • New Chainer Module
  • New Audio Finder Module
  • New modular licence structure and pricing
  • Another big announcement
  • Lot of code optimisation, enhancement, some bug fixes and lots of other stuff and things…

When will it be released?

When it is ready. I’m currently working on Release Candidate 01; dealing with some very complicated code right now / ironing out some edge cases.

It is currently in open beta / testing for existing users; so head over to the forums / send me a message if you want to check it out and I’ll distribute the RC once ready.


You should have received your OctaEdit licence. If you haven’t; I’ll follow up in the near future. Your OctaEdit licence will be required for v1.2000

Development Pipeline & Feature Requests

As a public FYI, the current development pipeline for OctaEdit extends past v1.2.000 to a v1.3.000 release.

And that will probably be it.

So if you have any feature requests / desires / bug reports / etc; speak now or forever hold your peace…


Yes, looking forward to it.