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Just got it.Mainly to cut up a bunch of samples and combine 2 projects. Is there a way to make the samples copy and map inside a folder in the project instead of in the root of the project? [/quote]

Samples: When you add Samples, the location the files get copied to depends on the Edit -> Location option.

Manager: When you execute in Manager, Samples are copied based on the Target -> Location option

Audio Pool: Set’s Audio Pool folder.

Project: Project Folder

Custom: Wherever you want, so long as it is within the Audio Pool folder or the Project folder.

Retain: Manager Only. Retains the same folder hierarchy, but replaces the Source Set/Project with the Target Set/Project

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Along with rereads of my new OT and A4 manuals. Haha.


Soooo OE keeps crashing on my computer. Running Win10 64Bit, I’ve tried reinstalling it, restarting my computer, working on different projects. Any ideas?


Are you running it as an Adminstrator? Could be a security / files permissions issue as I’ve heard that from one W10 user.

Secondly, do you have a specific anti-virus running, if so, what is it?

Thirdly, doing what? Or are you saying just crashes randomly?


Tried running as administrator. Just using the Windows defender. I’ve tried loading samples into flex and static slots, copying banks between projects, and slicing samples. It’s mostly random where it just hangs for a bit and then freezes.


Are you working off your computer, or directly off the Octatrack?

Hangs/Freezes? or Crashes? Or both?


Working off the OT. I should have been more specific. It hangs and becomes unresponsive. Then I have to task manager close it.


Ok. So scenario is: Freezes (doesn’t crash); when working off the Octatrack. You are running as an administrator. Doesn’t appear to be related to any specifc function? And of course you are running OSv1.25H.

Is that a fair assesment?

How old is the CF card?

Are the Projets “Newish”; or historical projects?

Did you want to take this to Skype?


Scenario is correct.

Card is a month old. Only had the OT that long. Project was started a week ago and updated today on the OT for a few hours before I picked up OE. I don’t actually have Skype. I did email the address in PayPal so we can do this via email if you prefer to keep it out of this thread.


I’ve pinged you an email. Let me know if you don’t receive it.


It’s that time again? Sure is… :smiley_cat:

Moving into the beta stage of testing for the new build, so when thats all done, the next release will be out.

If you are an existing OctaEdit customer and fancy like getting your hands on it and playing around / doing some testing, please post in the Beta Testing forum. (OSX only at the moment I’m afraid)


Support - Limited 17th - 20th March 2017

FYI: I’ll have limited ability to provide support between Friday 17th and Monday 20th March.

My apologies in advance in you need any help; I’ll do what I can, but will have technical limitations due to no internet this weekend; so phone only.



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Would love to but just getting to grips with OctaEdit as a pretty new customer and not sure how much help I’d be but on OS X - Sierra


Just wondering if there were any thoughts into a demo version of this product? Maybe without save features, or time limited? I would like to test functionality to see if it fits my workflow before dishing out the hefty pricetag on the software. Not saying it’s not worth the price, as a programmer I know how much work a project like this takes.

Would just like to be certain this is what I need, before locking into a purchase.


Yeah,I’d say get to grips with it first, before adding a bunch of new stuff? It is complicated software after all.


Existing OctaEdit user?

Check your email… :open_mouth:


I’m not seeing nothing?