OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor

Ha, seconded! Great “hack” @roadmoviemusic :slight_smile:

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That is awesome.

Personally I would have added a couple of bits of functionality into the OS for scene locking; part to scene; scene to part etc.


Ok, what is that and where do we get one?

It’s a brass scale weight. Used in “ye old school balancing scales”

Should be able to find one on ebay / etsy etc; at an antique store; kitchen store; secondhand / knick knack store?


100 grams to be precise. Just the right weight for these buttons


I’ll post something in the MDEdit thread regarding this when I make a decision / figure out the numbers.


Good deal. Thank you Rusty.

Hi @Rusty. Sorry If i’m being a pain, but do you have an estimate on when OE 2.0 will be available for purchase?
I am at a moment in the development of my live set where i will take certain decisions depending on whether I’ll be using OE so I would appreciate any insight on the topic. I know it’s just you working on it and I figure it must be long and hard work.


PS: I have my account awaiting for activation in the OE forum.


Due to personal reasons / some stuff happening, I’ve had very limited dev/testing/online time for the last week and a half or so. Hence why OctaEdit is not available right now. And the delayed reply.

Should all be back on track on Monday; and I can review properly then. But basically main concentration will be finish off v2 asap; so I can reevaluate my life, priorities, other projects et al.


Can’t wait for Tuesday! :wink:


Another customer here hoping and waiting for V2 :slight_smile:


Any idea of an ETA on v2? Received my OT2 the day after OcEdit was pulled from the site. :frowning:

There you go.

To all waiting for V2: it will be a free upgrade. So just get V1 now and ol’Rusty will have some cash to fund the coding time.

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I’ve been AFK quite a bit over the last few weeks due to personal / medical reasons; so haven’t got much done tbh.

I just finished up upgrading OS’s, IDE’s, dev tools etc. so getting back into the swing of it all again now.

Remember kids, Apple will break stuff for you :expressionless:


Cant even buy V1 at the moment :confused:

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Every time I see this thread and remember I need to buy OctaEdit … it’s not for sale :man_shrugging:


@Rusty maybe a thing to consider.


yea, I’ll get v1 first thing in the morning if available.

OctaEdit is available because cats keep asking for it.

OctaEdit v1 is essentially “as is”, warts and all. And won’t be updated at this point in time.

Don’t ask when v2 will be available; because I can’t answer that at the moment.

I have recently upgraded OS’s, IDE’s, dev tools etc. and there have been some breaking changes; so currently rewriting/tweaking large chunks of code.

However, my most important priority is finding a job. Been unemployed too long :expressionless:

Then study / Masters.

Read everything that is on the purchase page. Any questions, reach out and ask.


So having 1.31, can we test OE V1 or do we have to downgrade to 1.30?

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