OctaEdit - Win/OSX Octatrack Software Editor

No problems. I didn’t mean that as a direct response to you / nor a rant/dig at anyone.

Just me rambling / providing some context et al.


But wait… there’s more…

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Behind the scenes it is nowhere near as much fun.


There is a method to my madness. All will be revealed in the fullness of time.

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Of course there’s more.
Youre a madman.

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I basically live on coffee.

Let me know your local and I’m sure we can pitch in and keep you in coffee…? LOL

Well, at least until you release V2, cuz after that we’ll be too busy. :wink:

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You cats are too slow… MDEdit : MachineDrum Editor and Librarian


What I’ve been waiting for :totes:

Simple copy/paste per row possible as well?

Just fantastic! For the spaced setting, will it be possible to add a 0.0063 (don’t actually remember the OT minimum setting in Rec 2) fade in/out to each slide?

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Also, not sure about how your pricing model is set up but any full version update, especially something on this level, should be coming with an upgrade fee offered to existing users.

Nurturing our community talents and main contributors should be in everyone’s interest, IMO.

Anyway, just my 2 cents.


This what you are after?


yes :slight_smile:

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Yes / No / to a degree.

Copy / Paste is easy enough / all in there.

The trick is dealing with the cross-referencing between rows.

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This is looking amazing. Thanx Rusty

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Im just thinking… if we can’t addition changes we make in the editor in real time, how to know what to change? Do we have to remember what we what to change while we work on OT, then connect OT to a comp with a usb cable and then make changes in the editor in silence? Then unplug the cable to hear the results?
How that works in practice? Is it complicated?

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Yes, ok, that’s that then! :slight_smile:

But do we really need every button and knob in the editor? Like a volume knob? What do i know will changing a volume by 1, 7 or 23 steps in the editor sound like when I can’t hear it? I can hear it later when playing the OT, but I could change it in OT in the first place, right? … before going to the editor or later, after copying, pasting things. Makes no sense to me! That goes for all similar situations. Turning all the knobs in silence? That’s why im asking how that works in practice. Things like copy/paste samples, parts, banks… that makes a lot of sense and is veeeery useful!

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What you describe (audio mixing) is typically someting you do on the OT “live”.

But when I set-up a template for a project, I know for instance that when I reserve a track for resampling or some flavor of the “transition trick”, I will want to have its level set to 127.

Also, for debugging a WTF moment, I think it’s extremely useful to have every parameter clearly displayed.


Also when I‘d check my OT project for consistency, wrong settings etc. when preparing for a gig, I‘d want to be able to adjust the volume (and other parameters). :slight_smile:


Day 12 : OctaEdit v2 Arp Designer Module

Completely re-wrote the entire Arp Designer module. All GUI, processes, logic etc.

The Arp Designer is available as a separate module.

In the Sequencer module the Arp Designer is presented in a compressed version; with the ability to expand to display the full Editor, Actions and Steps.

Naturally the Arp Designer is only available when editing Midi Machines in Tracks View.


  • Draw Arp Designs directly in the Arp Design; or fine tune with the individual step parameters.

  • Each step, both in the Design and the Steps group has context menus available with [ Default | Minimum | Maximum | Random | Set Rest | Values… ] functions available.

  • Move the Arp Design [ Up | Down | Left | Right | Up an Octave | Down an Octave ]

  • Copy | Paste | Load from Library | Save to Library | Reset | Invert | Reverse | Randomise (Multiple options)

  • Arp Designer Module now dynamically interfaces with the Library Module.

  • Drag/drop a Library Entry from the Library Module to the Arp Designer Module (More on that later / with the Library Module)

Caveat: Subject to change(s)

Cost? OctaEdit v2 will be a free upgrade to all existing users when released.

When? Release date TBD. Depends on how many Release Candidates are required, which will depend on user feedback, any bugs, change requests, feature requests etc. Will be rolling out [ OSX | OSX Legacy | Windows ] in that order.


Im not an expert in programming (better to say, i know nothing about dsp programming) but i was just wondering… How far is OctaEdit from being a standalone software/sampler? How much time would it take you to build the audio part? Would it be possible to make such a sf? … to work completely independently on computer and later just transfer everything to OT and continue from there?

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