OctaEdit - Octatrack Software Editor and Librarian [ OSX / Windows ]

OctaEdit works while the octatrack in usb disk mode. In this mode the octatrack doesn’t play anymore. So unless Rusty managed to find a hack, yes it might be joking.

He plays with our feelings :cry::broken_heart:

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As far as I remember it wasn’t working the last time i tried it. I was in contact with rusty about it but we didn’t find the error and I just usef an earlier version of the octaedit. I haven’t been following up on it since.

he’s not joking


Not at this point in time; as I have a lot going on, job hunting / long term unemployment /returning from sabattical; studying a Master’s degree (so I can get a job) and of course OctaEdit.

I’m afraid not. Take the core Sequencer module in OctaEdit; being transmogrified to have full midi send/receive capabilities and multi-threaded audio playback and you have a DAW.

lol, I doubt it.

If your serial is all ok etc; then eithe r abug or hitting a dead end I’m afraid.

No, he isn’t.

OctaEdit works in USB mode. This is a different program altogether. No, didn’t find/implement a hack. To do is a big undertaking, but there is nothing that can’t be done. Personally I’d rather put that time and energy into my own hardware, rather then work within the limitations of someone else’s defined hardware/components.

PS: Check out the amazing work by Justin and v-yadli with Machinedrum OSv1.70; really awesome stuff.

I have heard he is an evil man.

No he’s not.

@sezare56 posted a link to a very, very, old version. This then grow into a DAW basically. It’s possible to record stems, automation etc. It’s a DAW, that’s what it does. You still have to work around the limitations of the hardware, i.e. four outputs. Plugins can be a bit of a pain these days due to VST2/VST3, Steinberg changes, handling of Midi/SysEx.


Ok, you will have to gives us more details :sunny:

What?? So cool! :star_struck:

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@Rusty you´re fucking great man!!

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That is rather “unfortunate” to say the least…

@Rusty Thank you again for making this super helpful program. I’m on the verge of buying ver1 of OctaEdit but I just want to make sure it will work with my comp/octa. I’m on a mid 2014 MacBook Pro running OSX 10.13.6. I have the most recent OS on my Octatrack Mk2, OS 1.31. I’ve read your post about OctaEdit v1 not supporting certain things with 1.31 like conditional trigs. This is ok for me for the moment. I mostly want OctaEdit at the moment to organize my templates and parts and make sample chains quickly. I’m another person that would love to get my hands on v2 but I think v1 would be super useful for me rn.

That setup should all be fine.

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2020 03 24 Update

OctaEdit is currently unavailable.

This is primarily due to my inability to provide any support due to Covid-19

We are in interesting times. Where ever you are look after yourself :heart:



It’s the same in my case - I’m not able to set a Set in v1.5.7beta but it works in v1.0 -
IMac OSX 10.13 High Sierra

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Same scenario. I’ll ping you a pm.


Hi Rusty.

I got a new Mac Mini and I’m about to install all my goodies from scratch. The Mac mini came with OS 10.15.3 and I’m wondering if Octaedit can run on Catalina at all?
On my old Mac I been running OctaEdit 1.0.010 is it the latest version?

Thank you Rusty


Is there a trick to clearing the chainer? It’s been stuck with the same 64 samples I loaded in the first time I tried it, it doesn’t show anything under Chainer Files, but it’s showing the audio in the waveform view, and I’m unsure how to get rid of those, or reset.

When I add new files in the chain, it just keeps saving them as those original 64 samples. Maybe I’m missing something?

Like, it shows it’s empty but if I drop or add in any sample, it’ll immediately populate with those same samples, every time. Reinstalling the software doesn’t fix it either, rolled back to OctaEdit v1 and it has similar behavior, however if I close the app and reopen it, it fixes it, I’ve just gotta restart the app every time I want to make a new chain.

I’ll ping you a pm / clarify / work through.


Does OctaEdit work with MK2?

(Sorry this has probably been asked before, but couldn´t find the answer after some searching)


Blimey, Rusty! You’re still at it, that’s great! Hope you’re well man :slight_smile:

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