Octa no sound from main outs (cue works)


An Octatrack mystery even after years of using it…

Octatrack is in normal audio out mode (not studio), track 8 is master

If I press play, no sound. If I press cue + track, each track starts to sound (routed to cue outs) track lights flash green. If I press cue + track again, lights change to solid green but no sound on main outs.

I’ve checked:

no scene settings that disable master volume
master effects (track 8) are not blocking output
volume for all track is up
tracks are not muted (their track lights are solid green)

Any ideas?


Check in mixer mode if there’s a solo track.
Check with headphones (mixer mode > Level for Main / Cue mix)
Mute scenes with Fn + Scenes
Disable master track for tests.


Whatcha got plugged into that there midi input?

mixer page? main is up? M + C fader is in middle?


yes check solo and mutes…caught me out a few times