OB Rytm possibly broken on latest MacOS 12 and 13!


I’m hoping that someone can help here, because my Rytm Mk1 has somehow ended up with more inputs configured than are actually supported. I definitely didn’t set up 8 slots out of 6, but that’s where we are.

What’s worse is that the system won’t let me remove inputs on the control panel!!!

I’ve contacted support and they’re looking into the issue, but I need a fix. There must be some way to reset the settings i/o settings? Uninstalling and re-installing OB isn’t working. :frowning:

Any thoughts?

By the way, whatever’s wrong here, seems to be on the Rytm itself. I’ve just connected same unit to a different Mac. Same problem!

Update: a factory reset hasn’t helped.

Update2: just tried my old MacBook, running High Sierra. That’s OK. So - looks like Rtym OB is broken on latest MacOS 12 (cylinder MacPro) and 13!!!

Faced the same problem. Rytm Mk1-Monterey.
If you find a solution, please post.

I think we’re going to have to wait for Elektron to fix. They’re saying that there are only a few instances of this problem.

My Rytm is currently unusable in the mode I need to use it.

not sure if that’s the issue but worth a mention because there are 8 of them, do you mean these inputs?

because if you do, AR supports input routing to 8 mono or 4 stereo tracks, you can use it actually as a mixer…
sorry if that’s not what you meant!

No, this is a problem in the Control Panel and Engine status.

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I’m finding it difficult to believe that there are so few people hitting this, since it happens on 2 of my machines running up-to-date OSes but not the third old Mac. Are people maybe generally not running Rytm Mk1s on Macs?

Just a guess: If the Control Panel says 24bit, try changing to 16bit - if it’s similar to the A4mk1, that should ‘allow’ the 8 tracks and let you disable some tracks.

Nope. I can’t change settings to anything - including to 16 bit, to reduce numbers of channels, add inputs, add outputs, remove them etc.

Thanks for reporting this. We’ve found the issue and it will be fixed in an upcoming version of Ovebridge.

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