OB for Linux (sorta ;)


Thanks @droelf it’s amazing and it works on the DIGITONE too !!!

I can have a dump of each track of the digitone and a track with the mix.

Just change this in the overbridge.c file

// we support only the Digitakt for now …
#define DT_VID 0x1935
#define DT_PID 0x0014
//#define DT_PID 0x000c


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

and launch 
sudo ./dtdump



Thanks koorenay, I modified the current code to simply try both PIDs (first digitakt, then digitone) during USB init and use the first available one. So it should work now on both devices. I do not have a tone unfortunately, so everyone is welcome to test (and send pull requests :wink:).
Also, in partly related news, I created a kernel driver for overbridge
(should better be renamed to snd-overbridge now …) with both audio AND midi working, plus a modified version of the raspbian image build system
to integrate it in raspbian image builds. The idea is then to have something like Supercollider or PureData running on a Pi (or similar) which could then add some nice features, e.g. routing digit*s external inputs through some effects and mixing them down with the internal channels.