OB for Linux (sorta ;)

Sorry for going off topic here, but with the new Digi firmware update, will the Digitakt show up as audio interface in ALSA? If so, it will probably not work with Jack, as it’s already set up to use the main audio interface?

ALSA and Jack can coexist and work together. Maybe the Arch Linux wiki can help: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/JACK_Audio_Connection_Kit

I just bought a Raspberry Pi 4B and I can’t wait to connect it with my Digitakt and Digitone. Does this record audio even without a high quality sound card like PiSound or Hifiberry DAC+ DSP? Seems too good to be true :grinning:

Why not?
You probably develop your code anyway on something crosplattformish like JUCE, aren’t you?

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Previously on Elektronauts:

Iwould like to know if somone already created a solution to benefit of the multitracks analog outputs of the dgitakt without using a computer?
Maybe overbridge running on a small rapsberry with 8 audio outputs?
Ah that seems complicated, but that would be a hell of a product

That’s because I record on a Yamaha AW4416 (connected with ADAT to my computer). And I don’t want to use computer as “an instrument” to go though the AW4416 and back to computer it seems like a non sens

Raspberry Pi is a computer running Linux.

Well, some of the barebone ingredients are there, but I don’t think anyone has gone the full way to make it into an easy to use “product”.

What’s completely missing is the forwarding of the captured audio streams without any hickups to different audio outputs. What’s also missing is an easy to use way to configure which inputs should be routed to which outputs.

Further on: while the Raspberry is a cheap platform, I don’t know any cheap D/A solution with at least 8 outs (compatible with Linux, of course).

It sounds easy, useful and cheap, but when you dive into the details, you quickly become aware that it isn’t.

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maybe this kind of device?

It might be easier to get a cheap computer, and run overbridge with an audio interface with 8 outputs…
More expansive but…
What would you recommand as audio interface with enought outputs and low latency ?

Or with a ADAT out…

Is it possible to add and audio card recording in your script ?
I would like to record other synth with the same concept as juste press a command and record a multipiste wav ?
Thank !

Has anyone tried this with the rytm mk2? Or know of a port? I have one on the way and would like to get straight into production instead of software development. . . . I know that’s not very linux of me but sometimes I like to use stuff that works without too much effort.

Hi everyone!

I ran into this thread a few months ago. It got me wondering if I could build a device that lets you plug in a Digitone or Digitakt over USB and breaks out the individual channels, similarly to what can be done with Overbridge or the code posted here. I was curious because I had spare channels on my (analog) mixer and though it would be nice to be able to apply separate effects/sends and EQ to each of the four synthesizer channels on my Digitone. I wanted to do this without having a computer involved.

Fast forward a few months, and here we are:

As of last night, this appears to be working well. I am able to output the 4 individual stereo channels, the master output and the external input!

Unfortunately, as you can see in the photos, the device is not very DIY friendly unless you enjoy SMT soldering. The software is still a huge mess, but my next goal is to clean that up over the next few weeks.

I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts - is that a thing that is of interest to anyone? Happy to share more details. I am still not sure what the end game is, but I thought it would be a fun side project!



Wow, this is super cool, congratulations on your build! Can imagine it must have been quite the undertaking.

is that a thing that is of interest to anyone?

Certainly, but as you correctly guessed in your post I’ve always been shy of SMT soldering so I would likely pass, unless your endgame is to sell Elektron OB breakout boxes, in which case I’d be quite tempted :smiley:

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So cool!

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I am considering offering pre-built units for sale. Still not sure if just the bare board (as shown in the photo) or something that includes an enclosure as well. Right now I am not sure how cheap I can make it, unfortunately. If I recall correctly, I think my calculations indicated I should be able to sell this for around $300-400. I am not sure if it is appealing at that price point so would love to hear thoughts on that!

Some more details are in this thread: Digitone/Digitakt breakout box [work in progress]

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Any progress on the snd-digitakt project? If not, I want to try to take on the project myself, even though I have 0 experience with kernel driver development. Anyone else took a dive and have figured anything out doing so? Is there resources I should look at? Would love to get it to work with the Digitone

Thank you so much for this!