OB and Push?

+1, was going to ask the same :slight_smile:

Hi Gang,

yes i could share the template, but i don´t know if it´s that special :wink:

It´s just the A4 Plug routed to a seperate audio track (my a4 sampler)
and a audio track routed to the Rytm plug (rytm sampler).

So i start jamming on the A4 or Rytm, If i like a part i record it on the audio track . No magic tricks :slight_smile:

Push/Live has a nice feature “Fixed Length” (1beat / 2beats / 1bar / 2bar etc)
it like a looper but without the looper device or overdub , like the OT´s “flex” machines. You can select a clip in session view (Push: Select+ “clip” pad) and hit the big record button. Because of the fixed length it stops the recording after the set length and directly loops the clip (like the OT). You can achieve the same effect without Push when you set the global quantice (eg 1bar) and hit play on the clip after you started recording. It stops recording after 1 bar and loops…

Please try it yourself first. As you can see i just use 8 Tracks.
If you have any question, please feel free to ask :wink:
If you really need my template i can upload it to the userbase…

Have Fun!

How does the aftertouch work when using push+a4. Does it work flawlessly?

Hi, I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but I think this is sorta relevant.

Can anyone explain to me how to record the notes sent from DAW midi clip or live playing on Push in the Analog Four sequencer? I can play the individual sounds fine using Push armed to a midi track sending note to the relevant channel, but for some reason I can’t live record it in the Analog Four sequencer. This leads to having a bunch of clips in Ableton whilst having completely empty patterns in Analog Four and I wish to fix this. Thanks!

I ordered Push yesterday! :slight_smile:

I would also like to know the same thing asked in the two posts above me.

Does aftertouch/pressure sensitivity work?

Can I live record notes in to the A4 sequencer from the Push through Ableton? I was kind of thinking this was a given… Will be sad if it doesn’t work :frowning:

After touch works as expected. I use Push to record on the A4 sequencer all the time . It works great.

I usually work out the chords/bass progressions using the A4 step sequencer and then record live the lead lines using push.

It gives the track a more organic feel this way.

Hi, some good news.
You can use aftertouch from Push ( it has channel AT \ or poly AT) and use it to modulate parameters on your A4!
With Live 9.2 you can now set the aftertouch threshold (push and hold “user” for the internal setup menu) that was not possible without max for live before 9.2.
But i can’t set record trigs/notes wile holding trigs on the A4 with Push from Live. At least not through the plugin? maybe i am missing some setting?
Have fun.

Hi, some good news.
You can use aftertouch from Push ( it has channel AT \ or poly AT) and use it to modulate parameters on your A4!
With Live 9.2 you can now set the aftertouch threshold (push and hold “user” for the internal setup menu) that was not possible without max for live before 9.2.
But i can’t set record trigs/notes wile holding trigs on the A4 with Push from Live. At least not through the plugin? maybe i am missing some setting?
Have fun.[/quote]
The trick is to use a midi track with the Electron A4 as the midi out device and use the Global channel as the midi out channel and you’ll be able to set the record trigs and record in live mode.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a feature but even when A4 is in OB mode, the A4 USB Midi ports are still active and receiving data.

Umm so you mean that in order to rec sequences back to the elektron units from OB, we need to use USB-MIDI/DIN-MIDI to transmit the notes etc? In addition to running OB?

This raises several questions - How is the sync going to be like in such a scenario? Furthermore, what about OB parameter automations? Will they get recorded into the hardware along with the note data?

Just want to be clear about this as AFAIK using OB devices as MIDI/Audio devices with live seems to cause conflicts with OB, at least in certain configs…

Hi i noticed the same, but i directly deactivated the midi receive/clock/cc , because i got some strange effects, jumping clock, bad sync, doubled notes.
As you said i created a midi track and set “midi to” to “analog 4” -> “track in”.


But do i need to set the “Track” or “Remote” option in the prefenrences?

Do i need a Din Midi connection (midi in port), as Tsutek mentioned,
to record trigs on the A4 with overbridge activated?

If yes ok, i can live with that, but will this change in a future update?
can you change patterns with this setup (Prog Ch??

Maybe SIMON can tell us somthing on this subject?
Thank you very much.

And sorry Cealestis to highjack your topic. I hope you like Push and Live as much as me. Never had an more inspiring hardware software combo!

So i tried it myself.

Yes, you need a din midi connection (MIDI IO -> A4 MIDI IO) to sequence on the unit with external hardware (PUSH, midi keyboard). I cant get this to work with only USB + OB.

This way you can use midi clips to change pattern on the A4, too.
To do so you need to activate PGM receive in the midi sync menu.


PGM Change

PGM 1-16 => A01-A16 on the A4

PGM 17-32 => B01-B16 on the A4


Have fun.

I just send additional midi clips to the different channels of the vst,
I dont need additional cabeling.
Dataline had shown a video demonstrating this.

Of course i can sequence the midi track, via push.
When i want to record it to the A4, i have to enable live record mode on the A4. I turn off looping in Ableton Live, and quantize record in the A4.

Start the sequence.

If you have longer loops, 2-x bars, create a chain the same length, and then start live record.

If using only one OB device then you shouldn’t need midi at all. It all works through USB for me (sending/recieving midi data into sequencer/Live/etc).

I did have 2 OB devices working with midi over USB until I updated to Win10 (my problems have been detailed elsewhere) and now I need to use midi to get all my devices program changing and working as desired.

In my set up, OB seems to create a midi conflict with multiple devices connected and it needs a bit of fannying around to work.

“Elektron Overbridge 1” (hardware) the other is “Analog Four” (plug-in)

When i set up OB and Live (LIVE/OB<->USB<->A4) i can record notes on the a4, but only when i use the “Elektron Overbridge 1” as “midi to” destination + activate the “Track” send in Live preferences.

Do you have set up Live the same way?

In Cenks video he is not recording anything from Live to the A4/Rytm.

The way Mac Os is showing the device in Live´s prefenrences is easier to understand

Analog Four (Elektron Midi) vs Elektron Overbridge 1 :confused:

You don’t have to be running OB to record sequences back to the A4 sequencer. In USB-MIDI mode you can record sequence to A4 whether you are in OBmode or not.

What I was implying was if you have OB running (A4 system USB setting OB-Only mode), you can still record into the A4 sequencer (both in step and live mode) using the method I described above without changing the A4’s USB setting in the Global menu.

You don’t need to go back and switch the A4’s USB setting from OB-Only to USB-MIDI in order to use the USB-MIDI.

Ideally if you are in OB-Only mode, it would be nice to use the VST to record in to A4 sequencer but it doesn’t work with the currently version of the OB.

I think the way OB is implemented currently, the MIDI data that is outputted via the DAW to the OB VST is only triggering the sound engine of the A4 but it is not recognized by the A4’s internal sequencer.

So you hear the A4 playing back the sounds but the MIDI data doesn’t get recorded into the A4’s internal sequencer.

Only way I could get the MIDI data from the DAW to be recorded by A4’s sequencer (both step and live mode) is by using the A4’s USB-MIDI using the Global Chanel.

Yeah “elektron OB 1” is frustrating more so with 2 devices and they both say “Elektron Overbridge 1”!!! The annoying part is on my PC they did show like Cenks Mac listing until i upgraded to Win10. The Win10 part may be coincidence but something did change pre 1.0 release for me and my set up.
I can’t quite remember my old settings - I’m having to use OB with midi cables now - but to clarify, I was able to send midi note data from AK or Push to any of my Elektrons whether usb OB only or midi connected. I’m guessing you guys are talking about transmitting midi clip data into the elektron sequencer though?
But yes, I need to now use Elektron Overbrdige 1 to get midi in/out of AK/AR

In Windows 7 (64bit), it shows up as Elektron Analog Four (Elektron USB Midi) and Analog Four (VST).

it was not very clear for me that i can not use the plug in to sequence on the units, no big deal, but at least confusing.

that was the most confusing part because anything else worked great after the upgrade/update. I hope they? can fix this.

i got the sequencing working with my settings, i´m only using usb know, but had to guess and select the right usb-midi out (Live-Preferences) :wink:

Arp is working too :+1: and hopefully Program Chg (couldn´t test it)

Program change worked for me with one OB device. No joy with 2 (hence the need for midi cables!). Worked fine pre Win10 though.

Hoping for a fix too. Seems slightly pointless having my AK and AR hooked up with usb for OB and also midi for program changes!

Hoping a couple of things are fixed soon too.