NRPN MSB (send with Akai MPD32) doesnt seem to work

Trying to control the Digitone (and the Digitakt) via NRPN MSB commands doesnt seem to work…
CC is working fine, as well as channel mutes
MPD32 sends clock and cc/note to digitone everything is functioning just these NRPN MSB arent…
anybody here with a similar setup…?


I’m using a similar setup with an Akai MPK49 controlling my DN. I think the problem has to do with the way the Akai sends nrpn. Akai sends relative nrpn via the knobs while the DN expects absolute nrpn. I’m pretty new to midi messages, but that’s what I’ve found.

well, it seems im pretty new myself. for now im using cc but shrinked the width (0-3, instead of 127), thats a bit clumsy but better then nearly no reaction. guess my idea of using my old mpd32 was good, but not enough.
now, where to find a midi controller which does understand “absolute” nrpn…

What exactly are you trying to control? Some things on the DN only respond to nrpn, but I can get by with just cc for most things.

of course the new offset switches…(they mentioned that they are running out of possible cc’s…)

Ratio C Offset 1 95
Ratio A Offset 1 96
Ratio B1 Offset 1 97
Ratio B2 Offset 1 98

Oh yea, I haven’t had a chance to dive into the update yet. Here’s to hoping Elektron implement a way to receive inc/dec nrpn or someone with more knowledge can enlighten me…

No Elektron machine supports relative NRPNs. All values received are interpreted as absolute values.

BTW, there is a nice little tutorial to be found here:

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that update is impressive! despite the best of weather (a rarity here in Hamburg, Germany) i was glued to the knobs, so to speak.