Now, in for a HW drum synth ! Advices?


First G2 now the ND. :roll_eyes:


Tbh I do not find the rytm to be so interesting…Meh pads, still the same :3lektron:pchange™ unbearable system, and if you remove the sequencer and sound lock which are still inferior to the one of my OT, I do not find the sound engine to be worth the costly purchase by themselves…But that’s me !

Eurorack ? Yeah, been there, done that !

I made more interesting music in the first week with my A4 that in a year and a half of euro…This thing is definitely not for me…( aka pokemon collector syndrome ! )

The tanzbar 2, I don’t now what to think…Seems nice on paper but really few ressources avaliable to get a clear idea of what is possible to achieve with it. The very rare demos avaliable are old and really classic sounding…People are often only commenting on the kick and snare to know if they can get that 808 at 1/4 the price…

I really want to thank everyone who took time to make a appearance in this thread.

I think I have my answer ! I’ll go ND2.
It will fit extremely well in a compact jam/impro system.


Ess, I noticed you mentioned this on Instagram (I think) at the time of Superbooth. I can’t seem to find many examples or info about this box, so I’m curious what about it really makes you excited?


It’s got a Syncussion core and some extras.
Expected price is somewhere between 500-700€


Blofeld is a killer for drums. Only two outs unfortunately.


oh im not a fan of it. but thats just me. .but what about the drumbrute? its not Small small.
but it has dedicated outputs.