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Can I use the Digitone Keys with guitar pedals? How? Would it be possible to run a send out to a pedal and back into a return of sorts? I have a Fairfield Circuitry I’m itching to add to the mix.

Thanks for the help.

You could use a individual out, send it to your pedal an then back into the digitone keys input. You can exclude the voice you send out from the main mix…

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Thanks. Back into the digitone through the line input?

If you can separate that voice from the mix output and direct it to one of the voice outputs then yeah I guess you could then return the pedal into the line input. Not got a DNK so not sure how the individual outs work in relation to the mixoutput. If you can’t separate them you’ll end up with a feedback loop as I understand the line input is summed into the mix output via the ext volume controls.

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I send the out of track 4 to my guitar pedal board with a stereo to mono Y long patch cable.

At the end of my pedal board, I send a mono signal to a Yamaha THRii30 desktop amp, which is dialed to a flat EQ/bypassed the cab setting on the amp.

The amp has a left and right stereo send that I feed back into the Digitone Keys.

Edit* The external stereo input jacks on the digikeys.

I think an amp/cab style pedal would work in place of the amp. I have not tried to send my pedal board straight to the Digitone Keys. I have a stereo pedal at the end of my chain that I can it with tomorrow. I’m guessing this would also work with a mono pedals.