Novation Peak


The best way to reinitiate GAS with an existing item. Hats off.


and just as I thought my GASsing for PEAK had erm, peaked & gone away… my interest in this synth is now errm… piqued again. :slight_smile:

still holding off for NAMM though.


Omg, what a awesome update!
One reason why I didn’t got the Peak in the first time, was the limited amount of wavetables. But this problem will be solved soon!
And now it’s even possible to modulate effects…loop and hold function for the envelopes… the GAS is killing me!

Suchs a beautiful looking synthesizer. Hopefully they release a Peak II in a few years, with more voices, multitimbral, maybe a additional Filter and a FX section as broad as the one from the Virus ti.


The only thing I can think of at the moment that would significantly improve it would be a state-variable filter (rather than switchable multimode). Or a dual filter that would let you vary the width of the bandpass region.

Even so, with the 1.2 update it’ll be extremely powerful.


I really like how each LFO and ENV can be directly assigned to a parameter on Rev2.
Would love it to become a standard UX detail.


I wonder if there is any more fm options. I thought I heard Bo beats say something.
So glad I bought one, cant wait for 19th.


Dont think there is any updates to the FM engine. Only thing i miss regards to FM is to have Osc 3 to 1 fm, and osc 2 to 1 fm. So i get two modulators in parallell modulating Osc 1.

But using wavetables in FM kind of makes up for it. You can get some awesome sounds that way. But gotta be carefull, since the FM can get very unstable fast. hehe.


Yes, agree that would be nice to have.

They did improve the FM implementation quite a lot with a software update early on. It was a bit mild before that, apparently.


Yeah, they made it 4 times “stronger”. So a value of 32 is what used to be the deepest modulation with the first firmware.

I would also love some dirtier wavetables. Just make a wavetable with different waveforms with no interpolation or smoothing in between. Like on the Mnm. Perfect for some digital crunchy sounds. :slight_smile:


Well lets See what they will come Up with on the 19th.


I got the date wrong and I’ve been waiting all day wondering what’s up. It’s like Christmas is on Dec 26 for me now…


Looks like version 1.2 has just been uploaded by Novation


Updates usually aim to be pushed out by 16:00 GMT. So if you’re using components standalone you’ll have to wait a bit longer than the web app update push.


Just updated and while i was on Components i also checked out the new microtuning feature there. you can upload and save microtuning tables there. And it seems they are compatible with Scala…very cool!

This opens a can of worms for me:


Nice, that sounds really promising, I’d missed the Scala import support in the patch notes. Looking forward to trying that out. Can’t be many hardware polysynths with that kind of microtonal support.


This update turns Peak into a monstrous sound producing swiss knife. Plus the little improvements, they don´t talk about like the screensaver, the improved mod matrix first page with source AND destination on the same page…awesome!

New in V1.2

Peak is without doubt the most powerful synth we’ve ever created, and since its launch 18 months ago, users around the world have let us know ways in which they reckon we could make it even better. For the Peak Firmware 1.2 update, we’ve made your most frequently requested features reality, and added 178 presets by Patricia Wolf and GForce software. It’s available now in the Components content manager.

New wavetables

  • 43 new wavetables have been added to the Wave menus, hugely increasing the range of the synth at the oscillator level.

Much more modulation

  • With two newly added non-voice-specific LFOs (for a total of four), and Pitch-Bend now also available as a modulation source, you can bring more movement to your Peak patches than ever before. The envelopes, meanwhile, see the addition of a Hold stage (up to 500ms) and the ability to loop between the Attack and Decay stages.

Redesigned Mod Matrix

  • Your most requested new feature was an overhaul of Peak’s Mod Matrix, and now, with sources and destinations presented on the same page, the days of toggling between them to make and edit assignments are over. And as a knock-on benefit, the Page button now enables quick access to all 16 modulation slots.

FX modulation

  • Peak 1.2 adds a new four-slot FX Mod Matrix, in which non-voice-specific modulation sources are routed to FX parameters. Now you can, for example, expand and contract a reverb with a rhythmic LFO, or automate delay time changes using an envelope.

Initialise Manual Mode

  • With Peak 1.2, you can keep the current positions of all knobs and sliders when the Initialise button is pressed if you choose to, rather than resetting their parameters to defaults – ideal for getting instantly hands-on with new patches, and creating random ones from scratch.

Get ‘between the notes’ with microtuning

  • Peak 1.2 also adds support for microtuning and Scala table import, with 16 Tuning Tables available for saving and recall within any patch, and automatic note selection making MIDI note-to-pitch assignment effortless.

Inspirational new presets

  • A new soundpack by Patricia Wolf and soundbank by GForce Software add 178 presets to your library, showcasing the new features of Peak 1.2. Both are available for free in Components.


I would be very interested to hear more about this. Perhaps post something you make with a microtonal scale?


Try for yourself. On the Scala site are a hundred or so different Micro/Tuning Tables as free Download to play with.


Heres a demo just posted of one of the new bank of sounds that came with v1.2.
Why on earth they feel they need to try and make this thing sound analog?
It’s a digital synth at heart, they’ve just released an update highlighting its digital side with heaps of new wavetables, yet they release a bank that’s supposed to showcase v1.2, of boring old analog pluck, pad and lead sounds, that sound like they’re all using nothing more than a saw wave?
Sounds like a soft synth from the 90’s doing a stranger things cover
Where’s the modulated digital wavetable madness? Surely that’s what people want to hear?
Oh well, just as well they have that init patch button right on the front panel


Yeah that is a strangely weak demo. There’s not much in there that makes me interested tbh. Strange, because there was one sound that I think Dave played on SonicTALK a few weeks ago that sounded suuuuuper lush