Novation Peak


The best way to reinitiate GAS with an existing item. Hats off.


and just as I thought my GASsing for PEAK had erm, peaked & gone away… my interest in this synth is now errm… piqued again. :slight_smile:

still holding off for NAMM though.


Omg, what a awesome update!
One reason why I didn’t got the Peak in the first time, was the limited amount of wavetables. But this problem will be solved soon!
And now it’s even possible to modulate effects…loop and hold function for the envelopes… the GAS is killing me!

Suchs a beautiful looking synthesizer. Hopefully they release a Peak II in a few years, with more voices, multitimbral, maybe a additional Filter and a FX section as broad as the one from the Virus ti.


The only thing I can think of at the moment that would significantly improve it would be a state-variable filter (rather than switchable multimode). Or a dual filter that would let you vary the width of the bandpass region.

Even so, with the 1.2 update it’ll be extremely powerful.


I really like how each LFO and ENV can be directly assigned to a parameter on Rev2.
Would love it to become a standard UX detail.