Novation Peak


Yeah, that’s what I would have assumed. Sounds like clipping into the interface due to the high master volume setting, even if the levels look ok.


I think that’s it. I couldn’t further investigate it yet.
I set the master volume that high because I really like to keep the osc levels not overdriven the vca. I should check it again.

The peak is really deep. The first two weeks I thought about sending it back cause I couldn’t get along with that specific novation sound. The oscillators of my mfb dom1 sounded so much thicker in comparison.

In the end I kept it because I created super cool arps und poly pad sound. Now I plan to explore the capabilities to synthesize something close to epiano sounds.

If novation adds multitimbrality or even sample import so I could play sounds of my mfb polyphonically…

What do you speculate will us the next updates bring?


I think most likely they will just update the wavetables.
Would be nice if they added a few more lfo’s


Think you’re right, wavetables ripe for an update… but other novation products have received some pretty stellar updates after launch… so who knows?


On A4, I noticed that I could easily overload the reverb so I took the habit to set the reverb HP filter around 25%.
Could be the same for Peak : could the low frequencies be responsible for the reverb distortion?


I heard through the grapevine that a new update was coming with more wavetables and some adjustments to how FM was handled. There might be more but who knows. I’d love some alternate envelope triggering modes (triggering with an LFO for instance).


Novation have been awesome updating their other products, so I’d be really surprised to not see firmware updates and additional features added, especially relating to osc’s.


I know the rumor mill is churning about “an impending update” to the Peak. Some of the hopes are that it might go bi-timbral, more/custom wavetables, and more flexibility in the mod matrix. I’d like to add a few to the dream list:

  • More LFOs
  • Sine wave LFO shape

What else am I missing or completely dreaming about?


Isn’t the “slew” parameter the way to make the triangle a sine wave? Is it something different?


MPE (grin).



From page 21 of the Peak User Guide:

LFO Slew
Displayed as: Slew
Initial value: 0
Range of adjustment: 0 to 127

Slew has the effect of modifying the shape of the LFO waveform. Sharp edges become less sharp as Slew is increased. The effect of this can be heard on pitch modulation by selecting Square as the LFO waveform and setting the rate fairly low so that when a key is pressed the output alternates between just two tones. Increasing the value of Slew will cause the transition between the two tones to become a “glide” rather than a sharp change. This is caused by the vertical edges of the square LFO waveform being slewed.

This is followed by diagrams, one of which depicts an LFO with a Large Slew Value… the shape of which looks very much like a sine wave. :slight_smile:


I RTFM right after posting and face palmed. I deserve this.


Don’t even trip. There’s a lot to take in. The things I tend to look up the most are things that I’ve forgotten.


Finally got a Peak. Have to say, if I’d just gone into a shop and browsed through the presets I wouldn’t have been very impressed. But that goes for a lot of synths I guess.

Nice layout, nice build, nice effects, can get some great basic sounds going very quickly. Now to delve in to the modulation…


Yep the presets are garbage
Hit init and get to work :thup:


It’s on my very short list of new hardware synths that interest me. Saving up for one, slowly but surely. :slightly_smiling_face:



Take my money


Beside all of the other nice things…

New envelope features
ADSRs sees the addition of a Hold stage (up to 500ms) and the ability to loop between the Attack and Decay stages. For many, this game-changing improvement alone will be reason enough to upgrade.



That’s nuts man. I saw a refurb one for a good price on reverb with a two year warranty because the seller is novation. Gotta Buy everyone’s Christmas presents first then I’ll bite.