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Nice, Thanks for the info. I’m mainly looking at it for live uses, Either this or one of the new electribes. They both will sequence cords.


For sequencing, the new tribes are way more powerful. But not as inspiring, because of daft workflow. The Circuit might be the beginning of a great legacy. The tribes might be the end of another one.


I’m almost ready to buy one of these, considering they just seem to get deeper with each firmware update—I saw a video somewhere of a possible future update, showing that it’s possible to select a different sample per sequencer step in each drum channel… if that’s true, then that’ll make it fkn amazing.

One question though; does the sidechain function apply the sidechain before or after the reverb? I’m thinking before would be awesome for Autechre style reverb pumping, but can understand if it’s perhaps a global send rather than being per-channel… would be nice if reverb alone could be sidechained :smiley:


It’s true about the new sample capabilities. That landed in the firmware 1.3 that was released today. For low-price sample playback machines, this is now encroaching on a lot of what makes the Volca Sample fun.

I think the reverb is applied after the sidechaining but I’m not sure and I’m not home to check. But how the effects work is:

  • Global delay and reverb settings (16 delay presets, 8 reverb presets which might actually just be 5 based on what I’ve seen in the MIDI CC charts) per session.
  • But you control the sends per track.
  • Send amounts can be step automated, so you can do reverb pumping by recording some knob twisting.
  • And in real-time, you can select different reverb settings so in live playback you can go to explosive-large-reverb sounds and then back down to a smaller one. The system will slide between settings when you do this, which can lead to some fun artifacts sometimes.


This little box just gets better and better.

Now it’s like a mini MPC, with a pair of 6 voice virtual A4 synths w/ wavetable capabilities, all beneath a simplified user interface (a’la OP-1).

I’d say I am bummed that they didn’t add “LENGTH” options to the 4 individual drum/sample tracks, but it’s hard to complain at this price point. And there’s a good chance that such functionality is just a firmware update away.

This is setting the bar for budget gear.


I actually think it’s setting the bar for what a groove box can be in general. The price is just part of it.


Give me sampling in and a little screen for editing, call it a Circuit Pro and I’d be down! Cool what they are doing with it as is though.


I suppose it depends on your needs from a groovebox.

I feel Rytm sets the bar, due to its massive +Drive & project ram, live p-lockability, analog sound, and exceedingly sophisticated sequencer (microtiming, trigless locks, conditional trigs, etc), Plus plenty of other little things like… ya know, pan control.

Not exactly a fair fight. Lots to live up to for a $300 grid box.

Fits nicely next to my Machinedrum nonUW, though!


Yeah the Rytm is dope for a lot of things, just wish it sequenced midi.


Thanks for the info! It’s making me want to get one asap hahah. I looked at the editor yesterday and was surprised at how deep it is. Sure, it’s nothing compared to my monomachine, but the portability, macro controls and sample capability make it a very interesting live machine. Plus I could always sync it with the monomachine :smiley:


Anyone using the Launch Control XL as a synth editor for Circuit’s Nova synths?

I have a USB MIDI host that’s setting unused since I let go of my OP-1, and it seems this would be the best way to put it back into service. Sitting right between the LC XL and the Circuit.


Circuit definitely pairs well with the Monomachine. I didn’t really expect this. I thought I’d have the Circuit over on the couch but I’ve got my Machinedrum over there right now for semi-idly building up new kits and patterns and such. So my Circuit’s been hanging out by the Monomachine and it’s been really effective - adding some nice polyphonic chords and pads, and also good for adding quick’n’easy drums while working on the Monomachine while it’s MD buddy is on the other side of the room.


Yeah, I missed out on the MD (bought an OP-1 instead in January when I had the money… kicking myself now!). Ah well, one day I’ll find one, I’m sure!

I’m actually thinking that Circuit could also be good for drum synthesis, especially with the macro controls—could make for some really interesting mono/duophonic drum parts.

How fast do the LFOs go? I guess I’ll find out when I get it—probably today lol :smiley:


I use it and it’s OK but because there are so many synth parameters, you still need to use the computer editor if you really want to get deep with your sound design.

If you have an iPad, the Lemur and TBMS editor is better for getting to all the parameters.
Here is a TBMS editor screen shot to give you an idea.


The Circuit drums sounds are sample play back and not synthesized.


Yeah I’m aware of this. I was thinking more about using the synth engines for drums, and maybe load it full of tuned samples for melodic content…


Couldn’t resist, had to get one today. Such is my impatience.

And then I just had to make a video, because the very first thing I made with it ended up sounding pretty nice…


Very nice. Inspiring, for sure.


Thanks! I have TB MIDI Stuff.
Where can I find that particular editor?


From here: